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Friday, 16 August 2013

Sugary drinks linked to aggressive behaviour in young children: U.S. study -

Sugary drinks linked to aggressive behaviour in young children: U.S. study - 

New research conducted in the United States has found that young children who consume four soft drinks a day are more likely to be violent, moody, and have difficulties concentrating.

The study, done by researchers at Columbia University, asked mothers of five-year-old children how many sugary drinks they consumed each day over the previous two months, as well as how their behaviour was over that same period.

Almost half of the 3,000 children drank at least one soft drink per day. Approximately 120 children consumed four or more soft drinks a day.

The link between the soft drinks and aggression was “strong and consistent,” said the researchers, even when other factors like socioeconomic status, domestic violence, and the amount of sugary snacks the kids consumed were taken into account.

Regardless of gender, the study also found that the more sugary drinks a child consumed, the worse their behaviour was likely to be.

Despite this, researcher Shakira Suglia said she cannot prove conclusively that the soft drinks were making the children violent. She did, however, suggest that cutting down on sugary drinks could lead to improved behaviour.

Dr. Sarah Schenker of the British Dietetic Association recommends giving children milk or water instead of sugary drinks. Fruit juice is OK, if consumed in moderation.

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