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Thursday, 27 October 2011

World Record Pumpkin Carving - utilizing a 1,693lb pumpkin - WOW -

World Record Pumpkin Carving - utilizing a 1,693lb pumpkin - WOW - 

This carving was created in NYC by utilizing a 1,693lb pumpkin for the
Zombies (Zombkins) that are crawling out of the new Worlds Record
pumpkin that weighed a whopping 1,818.5lbs. It took Ray Villafane about 15 hours to

A crowd of garden-goers watched in awe as Villafane deftly sliced and slivered pieces of the giant squash (yes, pumpkins are a type of winter squash).
After a few hours, the orange flesh was transformed into a terrifying
scene complete with an eerily realistic zombie and a ghastly ghoul
breaking out of the pumpkin’s shell. Villafane even used the stringy
innards of the pumpkin as “guts” draped in the hand of the zombie, who
he depicted reaching out towards the audience.

The pumpkin, which is currently the record holder for largest pumpkin in the world,
was “raised” by Jim and Kelsey Bryson in Ormstown, Quebec. The orange
behemoth is on display with its two slightly smaller brothers (grown in
California and Pennsylvania) at the NYBG
until October 30th, and all three will be carved into spooky sculptures
by Villafane.