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Thursday, 6 September 2012

83-year-old Virginia woman was mauled by a Rabid Beaver Wednesday -

83-year-old Virginia woman was mauled by a Rabid Beaver Wednesday - 

An 83-year-old Virginia woman was mauled by a rabid beaver Wednesday as she left a lake where she had been taking a routine swim, The Washington Post reported.
"It bit me so bad," Lillian Peterson told the paper during call from her hospital bed. "I started kicking it with my other leg, but I wasn't sure what to do."
The 35-pound beaver made its attack as Peterson was exiting Lake Barcroft in Fairfax County, the paper reported. There was a struggle. Peterson tried to beat the animal with a walking stick, but the animal was relentless. It left puncture wounds over much of Peterson’s body and nearly bit off her thumb. The entire ordeal, the paper reported, lasted about 20 minutes.

A witness to the attack called 911 and tried to help the woman. But the beaver made its way to his boat and the man beat the beaver back with a paddle, the report said. The beaver appeared to be dead, but reportedly made more attempts at rescuers until it was eventually euthanized.
"There's no way I will swim in that place again," she told The Post.
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Depressed woman 'FED herself to the crocodiles' at a popular Thai tourist attraction -

Depressed woman 'FED herself to the crocodiles' at a popular Thai tourist attraction - 

A woman who was suffering from depression is believed to have fed herself to the crocodiles at a popular tourist attraction in Thailand.
The 36-year-old Thai woman told her husband that she was going to see a doctor and would then go to popular Crocodile Farm in Samut Prakarn just outside Bangkok.
She never returned home but she was caught on CCTV cameras entering the tourist attraction 20 miles south of the capital.

The mystery has deepened because the Crocodile Farm have reportedly denied the incident took place.
However, husband Sunai Jisathra, 55, claims he was told by workers there that a woman fitting his wife Tiphawan's description had been killed.

He said farm workers told him it happened after the woman 'jumped intentionally' into a crocodile pit.
Mr Jisathra also said he had been contacted by a man who said he represented the farm and wished to make a settlement.
The husband said that he was not surprised. His wife had money problems and had suffered from depression for a long time.
'It was possible she had committed suicide to escape her troubles,' he said.
He said he would not file any charges against the farm owner. All he wanted was the truth and that incidents at tourist attractions in Thailand can often be covered up.

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72-year-old man died after the chief anesthetist and nurse took a lunch break in the middle of his surgery -

72-year-old man died after the chief anesthetist and nurse took a lunch break in the middle of his surgery - 

The incident, which took place at the Lidköping hospital, has prompted stinging criticism from Sweden's National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen).

The 72-year-old went under anesthetic at 10.45am on the day of the operation, which took place in January 2011.

At noon sharp, the head anesthetist left the operating room to go for lunch. Fifteen minutes later, the head nurse anesthetist also left the patient and went for lunch.

No other anesthetist was called in to take over responsibility for the doctor who was on his lunch break.

And while another nurse was brought in to cover for the nurse anesthetist, the nurse who arrived came from the orthopedic ward and wasn't familiar with the respirator to which the 72-year-old was attached.

Suddenly, the patient started hemorrhaging and his blood pressure started to drop, sparking a "chaotic" situation.

As the patient's condition became critical shortly before 1pm, the substitute nurse tried desperately to reach the lunching anesthetist, but to no avail.

When the doctor and the primary nurse anesthetist returned to the operating room, they discovered that the patient's respirator had been turned off, leaving him without oxygen for approximately eight minutes.

Despite immediately starting resuscitation efforts, doctors were unable to revive the man, who had suffered irreparable brain damage and died several weeks later.

The man's daughter subsequently reported the incident to the health board, which on Tuesday issued a harsh critique of the hospital's procedures.

"The operational planning, which allowed for the responsible doctor and nurse to take lunch breaks at the same time without any other doctor taking responsibility for the patient, entails taking an unacceptable risk," the agency wrote in its findings.

The agency also found fault with the fact that the doctor wasn't reachable by phone, as well as with the decision to hand responsibility for a high-risk patient with a single nurse who lacked sufficient knowledge of the equipment in use during the operation.

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