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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

OOPS: Smugglers mistakenly send banana crates full of cocaine to supermarkets -

OOPS: Smugglers mistakenly send banana crates full of cocaine to supermarkets - 

Police in Germany say they have seized a large haul of cocaine after smugglers apparently made a mistake that sent the drug to supermarkets.

Workers at five stores in and around Berlin were surprised to find cocaine packed into crates of bananas on Monday - a total of 140 kilograms (309 pounds).

The head of Berlin's anti-drugs squad said Tuesday that the crates had come from Colombia via the German port of Hamburg and the discovery was "pure chance."

German news agency dpa quoted Olaf Schremm as saying that the smugglers had probably made "a logistical mistake."

It's estimated that the drugs would have had a street value of about 6 million euros ($8.2 million).


Diapers in dump truck trigger radioactive alarms -

Diapers in dump truck trigger radioactive alarms - 

Austrian hazmat specialists called in after Geiger counters showed alarmingly high readings for a dump truck arriving at an incinerator have found the problem — radioactive adult diapers.

After unloading the truck, firefighters from the hazardous materials unit of the city of Linz found nearly two dozen diapers from a hospital that had become contaminated with radioactive iodine. The substance is swallowed during some medical and diagnostic procedures.

While radiation levels were substantially above normal, unit leader Dieter Jonas says no one was in danger during Tuesday's incident.

Austrian officials, however, are tracing the truck's route. And the truck will stay in a metal container at the incinerator for eight days — the time it takes for the emissions to reach safe levels.

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'Poo cake' sent to bride-to-be shocks party guests -

'Poo cake' sent to bride-to-be shocks party guests - 

Poo-shaped cake

A cake maker is feeling the heat after sending an allegedly difficult client a cake made to look like a pile of feces with a card that read: "Eat s..t."

Emma McDonald, owner of the New Zealand-based Oh Cakes, claims she got into a disagreement with bride-to-be Micaela Harris' sister after she failed to give her details for a cake she ordered for an engagement party, according to Stuff.co.nz.

McDonald said on Facebook that when she asked her client, via text, what sort of cake she wanted, the sister's bride responded, "like choc cake."  

McDonald alleges that along with receiving little instruction on her cake, her client missed meetings to talk about the cake. 

Micaela Harris told Stuff.co.nz that on the day of her engagement party the cake arrived  in "magnificent wrapping," but was that she was soon embarrassed and upset when she opened it in front of her 100 or so guests. Harris said the crude gesture even upset family members.  “It was a weird situation. At the time my sister didn’t even know what was going on,’ Harris told Stuff.co.nz. “I think it [the disagreement] was taken too far.”

Initially, McDonald seemed unrepentant about the move, taking to Facebook to rant about the incident:

She wrote: "Your (sic) left with a $30 voucher and you want a cake still?? ok cool - give me some ideas?? oh wait you have none apart from wanting chocolate. I have a brilliant idea for your cake!!! - so here it is, your turd cake! Hope you learn your lesson."

According to Stuff.co.nz, her page received posts immediately from shocked users, but McDonald has since deleted many of the comments.

A member of Harris’ family sent a text McDonald saying they were disgusted by the prank. The message was later posted on Facebook: "It was wrapped up in a box, so it was done deliberately as a nasty surprise. It was a disgraceful thing to do," it read.

McDonald was later quoted in the New Zealand The Southland Times paper saying she didn't regret her decision to send the cake.

"I feel she got what she deserved," she said. "I don't make cakes as a business. It is just a hobby and I'm taking it all with good humour."

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An Alabama woman kicked off 2014 with good fortune, literally, by winning two $90,000 jackpots in two days -

An Alabama woman kicked off 2014 with good fortune, literally, by winning two $90,000 jackpots in two days - 

An Alabama woman kicked off 2014 with good fortune, literally, by winning two $90,000 jackpots in two days.
Charlotte Moncrief, of Anniston, Ala., won her first $90,000 New Year’s Day on the Triple Diamond slot machine at the Pearl River Resort in Choctaw, Miss.
The next day, Jan. 2, Moncrief returned again to the resort’s Silver Star Hotel & Casino and tried her luck once more at one of its 2,400 slot machines.  She chose a different Triple Diamond-themed machine but walked away with the same result, a $90,000 win.

“It was awesome and I was completely shocked,” Moncrief said in a statement released by the resort.  “Until you hit a big jackpot like this, you never know how it is.”
“I certainly never thought it would be me,” said Moncrief, who could not be reached today by ABCNews.com.
The resort on New Year’s Day offered a buffet that included black-eyed peas and collard greens, two foods thought to bring good luck into the New Year.
Moncrief told Pearl River Resorts’ officials she plans to return to play more slots and is considering buying a new car with her winnings.


'Aliens Exist' Says Canada's Former Defense Minister - about 80 different species -

'Aliens Exist' Says Canada's Former Defense Minister - about 80 different species - 

There’s nothing quite like a former high-ranking official giving credence to conspiracy theories to kick off a work week.

Over the weekend, Paul Hellyer, former Canadian defense minister, went on television and declared that not only do aliens exist but that they walk amongst us and are responsible for some of our modern technology. Among these tech gifts are the microchip, LED light and Kevlar vest.

Hellyer, who served as Canada's Minister of National Defence in the 1960s, went on Russia Today’s program SophieCo to speak more about extraterrestrials. The interview, seen below, is a little on the long side but it’s totally worth it, particularly because he’s the first high ranking politician to publicly state that aliens are real.

Honestly, watching this is an exercise in feeling conflicting emotions. For starters, I too believe that aliens exist. Our universe is so massive that it would almost be statistically impossible for Earth to be the only planet to have intelligent life.

It’s also incredibly easy to get behind statements like:

“We spend too much time fighting each other, we spend too much money on military expenditures, and not enough on feeding the poor and looking after the homeless and the sick, and that we are polluting our waters and our air and that we’re playing around with these exotic weapons, thermonuclear weapons and atomic weapons, which have such devastating effects both on Earth and other areas of Cosmos.”

That’s straight up true, and Hellyer’s claim that we don’t have more alien technology because we treat each other poorly is believable. It’s a scientific fact that we can’t have nice things. But then Hellyer gets into the specifics, and that’s when he begins to lose me.

“[I’ve] been getting from various sources [that] there are about 80 different species and some of them look just like us and they could walk down the street and you wouldn’t know if you walked past one.”

Eighty different races and a good handful of them are humanoids?!

The segment then ventures into the incredulous when Hellyer begins to list where they’re coming from. It turns out that our alien visitors come from near (one of the Saturn moons) and far (the Pleiades and Zeta Reticuli star systems). Oh yeah, and they get here via a portal in the Andes mountains in Peru. So there you have it, folks. Aliens are real, according to a nonagenarian man who at one point had access to highly classified information during the height of the Cold War.


Inmate Escaped from a minimum security facility in Lexington - then turned himself back in because it was TOO COLD -

Inmate Escaped from a minimum security facility in Lexington - then turned himself back in because it was TOO COLD - 

Just how cold is it in Kentucky? Apparently cold enough for an escaped prisoner to decide to turn himself in.

Authorities said the inmate escaped from a minimum security facility in Lexington on Sunday. As temperatures dropped into the low single digits Monday, officials say the man walked into a motel and asked the clerk to call police.

Robert Vick, 42, of Hartford told the clerk he wanted to turn himself in and escape the arctic air, Lexington police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts said.

Vick was checked out by paramedics and returned to Blackburn Correctional Complex, Roberts said.

"This was definitely of his own volition," she said. "It's cold out there, too cold to run around. I can understand why the suspect would turn himself in."

Vick would have been dressed in prison-issued khaki pants, a shirt and a jacket when he escaped, Department of Corrections spokeswoman Lisa Lamb said. Wind chill readings were 20 below zero Monday in Lexington.

The Lexington Fire Department treated Vick for hypothermia Monday evening, Roberts said. A call to the department was not immediately returned Tuesday morning.

Vick was serving a six-year sentence for burglary and criminal possession of a forged instrument at the time of the escape from Blackburn Correctional Center.

There was no answer at the Sunset Motel and Restaurant, where Roberts said Vick surrendered, on Tuesday morning. 

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