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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Cheaters choose schoolgirl and cop costumes for Halloween -

Cheaters choose schoolgirl and cop costumes for Halloween - 

Watch what you wear at this year's Halloween party. You could be outing yourself as a cheater.

AshleyMadison.com, the infamous website for adulterers looking to hook up, polled its members to find out what they'll be wearing this year.

Among the women on the site looking for someone on the side, the most popular choices are sexy schoolgirl and raunchy teacher costumes - nearly 35% chose one or the other. Also on the list, naughty nurse or doctor outfits, and fairy tale getups.

Among the men, nearly 60% said they'll dress up as cops and soldiers. Others said they'll be cowboys or doctors.

"Halloween is the one time of year when people can impersonate characters or personalities they wouldn't normally attempt," AshleyMadison.com founder Noel Biderman said in a release. "Men can dress up as their favourite superhero or act like the tough guy they secretly want to be, while women often choose sexually adventurous costumes because they don't get to portray that in their everyday life."

The survey polled 4,800 of the site's 1.2 million members in Canada.

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Caught! 220 MPH in 85 MPH Zone on new Texas highway -

Caught! 220 MPH in 85 MPH Zone on new Texas highway - 


Well that was fast.
A Cadillac CTS-V has become the first car to break 200 mph on Texas’ new 85 mph highway.
And the cops approve!
But just this one time.
Hennessey Performance, builders of some of the fastest custom cars on the planet, including the 275 mph Venom GT, offered up one of their 1,200 hp Cadillac coupes to test the cameras fitted to the automated toll system on the brand new SH-130 toll road, which boasts the highest speed limit in the nation at 85 mph.
Read: Hennessey planning record run for 275 mph Venom GT supercar
The run took place on Tuesday, the day before the highway opened to the public, on a closed stretch of the road south of Lockhart with safety crews ready at hand.
With a professional test driver behind the wheel, the car passed by the cameras at over 180 mph which posed no problem for them getting a photo of its license plate.
Although it doesn’t issue speeding tickets, toll jumpers who don’t have the proper tag affixed to their car get a violation sent to them in the mail. Apparently it’s not just the law you can’t outrun, but also the DOT.
Of course, with all of that open road available the driver wasn’t about to slam on the brakes. Hennessey tells FoxNews.com that his man kept his foot in it for a full 1.75 miles, hitting a top speed of 220.5 mph. At that rate, he could’ve driven the entire length of the highway from San Antonio to Austin in just about 12 minutes.
Just don't try that on the way home, you're being watched.

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San Francisco’s New ‘Tata Massage’ Parlor Offers Face Slapping For $350... -

San Francisco’s New ‘Tata Massage’ Parlor Offers Face Slapping For $350... - 

A sign announcing the planned opening of Tata Massage. (credit: Rochelle Del Rosario)

It’s the first massage business of its kind this side of the Pacific and it landed here in San Francisco. If it’s rest and relaxation you seek, however, prepare for a slap in the face.

No, really.

Another massage parlor in San Francisco? Ho-hum, you might think. But if you take a look at the ad for the brand new Tata Massage parlor, you might be surprised to see what it’s offering: face-slapping.

“Of course the first reaction is, ‘What? Face slapping?’” said Mawin Sombuntham, who runs the parlor with his wife, Tata.

Of course it is. That’s why the new massage parlor is also happy to advertise its license by the state of California to slap you.

To truly understand the technique you have to have firsthand experience, so CBS 5 brought along one of its interns, Allie, to take on the new service.

So what is it?

“It’s from ancient Thai wisdom that’s been passed down from generation to generation, and it’s a secret technique,” said Sombuntham.

Tata, who is the masseuse at the parlor, has been face-slapping for two years. She danced to music and slapped away at Allie as the massage began.

“Circulation is part of it, but it’s optimizing the fat and tissues and muscles that are in the face,” said Sombuntham.

Tata and her husband believe this will catch on as a non-invasive, chemical-free treatment. It will cost $350 for each session. They do half the face at a time, and they say the results last six months.

“We don’t get rid of wrinkles actually, we only lessen the wrinkles,” said Sombuntham.

Of course, Allie is only 21 and has more guts than wrinkles.

“There was no stinging at all. It felt like a really strong pressure on my face and then other times it was actually quite gentle,” she said.

They told her they lifted her left eyebrow, slimmed her left cheek, and reduced the line around her mouth.

Next for the folks at Tata is “butt punching,” which claims to firm and shape your rear.

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