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Monday, 18 April 2011

Twitter said to be in talks to buy TweetDeck -

Twitter said to be in talks to buy TweetDeck - 

Twitter may be trying to pull the rug out from under a potential new direct competitor.

The social networking company is reportedly in "advanced talks" to buy popular Twitter client TweetDeck for about $50 million, according to a report out Monday by the Wall Street Journal.

TweetDeck competes directly with Twitter's Web and mobile clients.

If the report is correct, news of Twitter's buyout move must have come as a surprise to the executives at UberMedia, who have been deep in plans to acquire TweetDeck themselves.

UberMedia and its apps UberSocial, Twidroyd and UberCurrents, have been in the spotlight lately. In February, Twitter suspended UberMedia's three major third-party mobile applications for allegedly violating its use policies, then just one day later, reinstated all three apps.

Then, complicating matters even more, reports hit last week that UberMedia is developing its own microblogging service that would compete directly with Twitter.

Citing unnamed sources, CNN.com reported that UberMedia is looking to attract users to its own microblogging service by addressing common complaints about Twitter, such as its restrictions on the length of a message and how the service can be confusing to newcomers.

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Now CHILI’S caught serving alcohol to a toddler - an alcoholic “mudslide” drink instead of chocolate shake -

Now CHILI’S caught serving alcohol to a toddler - an alcoholic “mudslide” drink instead of chocolate shake - 

First, there was the the case of the 15-month-old given booze at a Detroit-area Applebee’s.

Then there was the toddler in Florida who was served sangria instead of orange juice.

And now we have a child in Chicago getting an alcoholic “mudslide” drink instead of chocolate shake:

The young girl was taken to a hospital and diagnosed with “alcohol overdose.” CBS 2 reports:

Tyree Davis said she was having dinner with her daughter at a Chili’s at 1750 W. 119th St. in the Morgan Park neighborhood around 5:30 p.m. Sunday, when her daughter’s chocolate shake got swapped with a mudslide alcoholic beverage, which contains vodka.
Davis said her daughter, Brooklynn Morris, 4, was later diagnosed with an alcohol overdose.
The two drinks look similar, and both contain chocolcate. Davis later took a picture of them side-by-side with her cell phone camera.
But Brooklynn drank from the cocktail three or four times, and her mother said the little girl noticed something wasn’t right.
“Brooklynn said, ‘I don’t like it,’ and she said, ‘You don’t like it? Why? Let me taste it,’” Davis said, “and when I tasted it – alcohol. I knew immediately it was alcohol.”
Davis said she tried it herself, and that is when she realized it was an alcoholic drink.
The server said perhaps the drinks had been swapped.
“That’s when I saw the waitress approaching me with the chocolate shake,” Davis said. “How can you make that mistake? And then the manager said they were sitting on the bar side-by-side – the cholocate shake and the mudslide.”
Davis said she called police, who responded to the restaurant and told her to take her daughter to the emergency room, because the girl was dozing off.

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