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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Goats released on football field forces high school to move football game -

Goats released on football field forces high school to move football game - 

A small herd of goats caused plenty of problems for a North Carolina high school hoping to play a home football game on senior night.
The Shelby Star reports that nearly a dozen goats were released in the Burns High School stadium in Cleveland County Thursday night or Friday morning. School officials say the goats caused enough of a mess to force the game against Rutherfordton-Spindale Central to be moved.
The prank raised concern because of a recent outbreak of E. coli cases associated with the Cleveland County Fair west of Charlotte this month. Burns Athletic Director Eddy Taylor said health department officials came to the school and told them the game would have to be moved.
Other activities scheduled at Burns on Friday also had to be moved.

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Hamster Placed In Police Protective Custody Following DUI Stop -

Hamster Placed In Police Protective Custody Following DUI Stop - 

Local authorities placed a hamster into protective custody after its owner, an intoxicated driver, was arrested.

Early Tuesday morning, three officers with the Beaverton Police pulled over 27-year-old Nicole Huey after suspecting her of driving while intoxicated, according to Oregon Live.

During the 12:30 a.m. stop, officers reportedly observed the hamster – whose name is not known – placed in her lap.

It was the only other occupant in the car, the website learned.

When Huey stepped out of the car, she placed the hamster on the dashboard. At that point, officers allegedly attempted to take the animal as well.

According to Officer Mike Rowe, the task was easier said than done.

“It took three officers to capture the furry little passenger,” Rowe was quoted as saying on the department’s Facebook page. “It appeared that the hamster wanted to stay in the vehicle, and it put up a good fight trying to avoid capture.”

The hamster was reportedly taken to the Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Tualatin. Huey was arrested for driving under the influence and held at Washington County Jail.

Upon her release, she reclaimed the animal from the clinic, according to Oregon Live.

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Twitter and Facebook ‘harming children’s development’ -

Twitter and Facebook ‘harming children’s development’ - 

Young people’s brains are failing to develop properly after being overexposed to the cyber world at an early age, it was claimed.

Baroness Greenfield, professor of pharmacology at Oxford University, said a decline in physical human contact meant children struggled to formulate basic social skills and emotional reactions.

She criticised the “unhealthy” addiction to Twitter among some users who resort to increasingly nasty outbursts under the “sanitised and often anonymous guise of the web”.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, she also raised concerns over the “narcissistic” nature of sites such as Klout, which measures users’ popularity and influence on social networks.

The comments come just 24 hours after teachers warned that over-exposure to technology was damaging children’s ability to concentrate in the classroom.

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