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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tree planted in memory of George Harrison felled ... by Beetles -

Tree planted in memory of George Harrison felled ... by Beetles - 

Beatles vs. beetles!

In a case of unbelievable coincidence, a pine tree planted in memory of the late Beatle George Harrison was killed by a beetle infestation.

The tree, planted in a Los Angeles park, was overrun with bark beetles, LA Councilman Tom La Bonge said over the weekend, adding that a new tree will be planted in its place, the LA Times reported.

The memorial tree was planted in Griffith Park in 2004 and had risen to more than 10 feet high. Harrison spent his final days in LA.

The former Beatle was an avid gardener and spent years transforming his rundown England mansion into a beautifully lush oasis.

Trees in Griffith Park have been known to succumb to bark beetle infestations in the past, with other harmful tree creatures joining in on the destruction as well, the newspaper reported.

Officials have not yet set a date for when the tree will be replaced.

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