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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Great Grandson of Hubbard Blasts Scientology - portly red-headed charismatic lying con-man pseudoscience self-help author -

Great Grandson of Hubbard Blasts Scientology - portly red-headed charismatic lying con-man pseudoscience self-help author -

The Church of Scientology is known for its famous followers and its reputation for secrecy. In an interview with CBS 5, the great grandson of the church’s founder L. Ron Hubbard blasts Scientology, accusing it of destroying his family.

You can’t choose your family but Jamie DeWolf wishes he could. In fact he said he is putting himself in danger by just talking to CBS 5.

De Wolf, who lives in the Bay Area, is the great grandson of L. Ron Hubbard, a man he refers to as a “portly red-headed charismatic lying con-man pseudoscience self-help author.”

His mother is the daughter of Ron DeWolf, L. Ron Hubbard’s son. The son changed his name after he famously left Scientology. Jamie DeWolf said his mother never spoke about the church. “It destroyed and devoured both her grandfather and her father,” he said.

Jamie DeWolf never met his great grandfather. But in 2000, he did a one-man show based on L. Ron Hubbard and his son. The video has since become a YouTube sensation, and it didn’t go unnoticed by the Church of Scientology.

“Within 2 to 3 days Scientologists were at my door with fake cover stories claiming that they were performers doing a show with me. They had people following me, they were on me immediately,” DeWolf said.

But DeWolf has refused to be silenced. He has his own performance troupe, Tourettes Without Regrets, and frequently uses his family as material.

DeWolf doesn’t mince words when it comes to what he really thinks about his great grandfather’s ministry. He called it a “pyramid scheme that sells secrets and they sell them under the guise of self-help.”


THREE UFO Sightings Reported In Canada Per Day, Nearing Record... -

THREE UFO Sightings Reported In Canada Per Day, Nearing Record... - 

Although illegal aliens are an issue on our southern border, our neighbor to the north might have its own problem with aliens — from another world.

Ufology Research reports that there were about three UFO sightings per day in Canada, with 986 sightings total last year. The record for UFO sightings was in 2008 when a surprising 1,004 sightings were reported.

The report entitled “The 2011 Canadian UFO Survey” states that “the lion’s share of cases being Nocturnal Lights,” however a number of them were said to be shaped like boomerangs, spheres, and mysterious light sources.

The traditional “flying saucer” style UFO was only sighted about 3 to 4 percent.

However, most of the sightings were explained. Eight out of the 986 sightings are considered “high-quality Unknowns,” or cases with no obvious answer. This is much lower than the 3 to 4 percent of high-quality unknowns from previous years.

Although the public believes that most UFO sightings are made by cranks, the study states that many of the reports of UFOs were “pilots, police and other individuals with reasonably good observing capabilities and good judgment.”

The report admits that the increase in sightings does not have a simple explanation but it offers up a few explanations that are more down to earth.

The increase in UFO sightings could be “related to a growing awareness within the general population that there are agencies which collect UFO reports,” and that “there are more private websites allowing people to report their UFO sightings.”

Or just maybe, “there really are more UFOs physically present in the sky.”


Japanese Women Fly Coach to the Olympics; the Men Go Business Class -

Japanese Women Fly Coach to the Olympics; the Men Go Business Class - 

It was precisely a year ago that the Japanese women’s soccer team won the World Cup, beating the United States in the final and giving a boost to the spirits of a nation that had been battered by an earthquake, a tsunami and a nuclear disaster.

But when they flew to Europe on Sunday along with the men’s team, the women were in coach seats while the men were up in business class. The Japanese Football Association said the teams had left Tokyo together on the same Japan Airlines flight.

“I guess it should have been the other way around,” Homare Sawa, the leading player on the women’s team, told Japanese reporters this week. “Even just in terms of age, we are senior.”

Similar treatment was given to the Australian women’s basketball team, The Sydney Morning Herald reported on Thursday. The men’s team, known as the Boomers, was seated in business class, while the women, the Opals, were in premium economy seats.


Florida Strip Club hires Sarah Palin look-a-like to lure in Republicans during GOP convention -

Florida Strip Club hires Sarah Palin look-a-like to lure in Republicans during GOP convention - 

Gentlemen’s clubs in the Sunshine State are doubling down for the upcoming GOP convention, including one that will feature a Sarah Palin double to strip off for randy Republicans.
The convention will be held from August 27-30 and will feature speeches from New Jersey Gov Chris Christie, among other Republican headliners.
But after hours, a boom in business is expected in Tampa - especially in the area’s numerous strip clubs.

One of them, Thee Dollhouse in Tampa, is expecting a huge crowd of Republican customers in town for the convention, and has laid down $1million in renovations to make sure its customers are 'comfortable.'

Lookalike: Lisa Ann has starred in more than 200 pornographic films, but is perhaps most famous for her portrayal of Sarah Palin
And in the spirit of the convention, Thee Dollhouse has wrangled a Sarah Palin lookalike to get down and dirty for the clubgoers.
Multiple reports identify the stripper as porn star Lisa Ann, who was famously hired by Hustler to star in a porn film poking fun at the former vice presidential candidate shortly after she was chosen as John McCain’s running mate in 2008.
The result was Who's Nailin' Paylin?, a hardcore caricature of Palin that dropped Mama Grizzly in the middle of all sorts of sex acts.
Ms Ann, 40, - whose real name is Lisa Anne Corpora - has starred in more than 200 pornographic films, including several sequels to Who’s Nailin' Paylin?.
Appearances by Ms Ann at Thee Dollhouse are just one special event planned at strip clubs ahead of the convention.
WFLA-TV reported that another club, 2001 Odyssey, is offering convention attendees the opportunity to videochat with its dancers in the weeks before heading down to Florida.
Don Kleinhans, the owner of 2001 Odyssey, told the station: 'Not only can you see the dancers on the stage and in the dressing room, you can also talk to them in an online chat room.'
But the service does not come cheap, with a $19.95 membership fee along with a $4 a minute chat charge.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2178326/Florida-strip-club-hires-Sarah-Palin-lookalike-Lisa-Ann-strip-Republican-convention.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

Does This Aspartame Make My Butt Look Fat?

Does This Aspartame Make My Butt Look Fat?

In April, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study linking diet soda consumption to an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. Nobody blinked or cared because this research was just going to be thrown on the pile of allegedly conflicting studies about the safety of artificial sweeteners, particularly aspartame. This pile is referred to as the “aspartame controversy.”

Aspartame is the artificial sweetener sold under the brand names of Equal and NutraSweet. It is used commonly in diet sodas because it tastes the most like sugar, or at least that is what the people selling it say. Despite all the hype about controversy, there is no aspartame controversy. All of the aspartame-industry-sponsored research consistently concludes aspartame is safe, while the independent studies overwhelmingly find side effects and problems. There is no gray area between the two sides. Every study connected to those who sell it says aspartame is safe while the independent studies find concerns. The controversy is really over whether research funded by special interest groups is valid.


Caloric sweeteners like sugar and corn syrup certainly deserve some of the blame. Their consumption increased almost 40 percent between the 50s and 1999, when peak consumption levels reached a pancreas-busting 155 pounds per person per year — or 52 teaspoons of sugar a day. Or one of those rain-barrel-sized drinks they sell with your hexane-laced burger at the drive-through. But that is another story. Since 2000, sugar intake has reduced slightly due to a minor decrease in corn-syrup sweetened soda-slurping.

But the diet drink industry is booming.

The primary non-caloric sweetener used in diet sodas and teas is aspartame. Obviously, aspartame (introduced in 1974) and its buddies are not helping people lose weight because as a society, the more diet soda we consume, the heavier we seem to get. The reason for this phenomenon has been consistently found in independent research. That is, the taste for sweets, whether delivered by sugar or artificial sweeteners, enhances appetite. The only people who seem to think diet sodas help with weight loss are the manufacturers and some registered dietitians (RDs).


Library Installs Computer Privacy Screens For More Discreet Porn Viewing... -

Library Installs Computer Privacy Screens For More Discreet Porn Viewing... - 

In response to complaints about San Francisco Public Library visitors openly viewing explicit content, including pornography, the network has installed plastic screens to block monitors from people nearby, according to a recent New York Times report.

According to The Times, the library plans to post warnings on all computers to remind people to be sensitive to what others might see while they are web surfing.

The watching of such materials in public has increasingly been the focus of debate and legislation as broadband technology becomes more widespread, pitting people who want internet access to be unrestrained against those who feel that controls must be placed on the public viewing of mature materials.

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