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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Elephant has sex with a car - leaving the passengers inside with a jumbo-sized problem -

Elephant has sex with a car - leaving the passengers inside with a jumbo-sized problem - 

THIS horny Dumbo mounted a car he mistook for a mate leaving the passengers inside with a jumbo-sized problem.

The randy elephant got on with the tusk and went bumper to bumper with the saloon car before tyring of the chase and rolling the vehicle on to its back into the bushes.
Irishman John Somer and terrified friend Carina Lowers were driving the Volkswagen Passat through the Pilanesberg Game Reserve in South Africa when they came across the five-ton bull, called Amarula.
John, 66, who lives in nearby Rustenburg, said: "I never thought I would be killed by an elephant. When I turned the corner there was another vehicle in the road in front of us.
"The driver started reversing and stopped next to us. I'm Irish and he was speaking Afrikaans, but I could make out the word 'elephant'."
John was unable to back up out of a ditch so turned the engine off hoping to avoid Amarula's attention.
But the elephant came straight for them and began rubbing up against the car.
John, who was visiting the reserve to celebrate his 66th birthday, said: "It really did seem to regard the car as a female elephant and was making advances on 'her'.
"When the bull started flipping the car over my life literally started flashing before my eyes.
"The car landed on its roof and we were lying inside it.
"Carina was very scared and wanted to crawl out but first I wanted to see where the elephant was.
"When we saw it was walking away we crawled out through the window."
Fellow nature lover Riaan van Wyk managed to catch the incredible scenes on camera.
He said: "Amarula is one of the largest bull elephants in the reserve.
"To make a bad situation worse, he was in musth - a dangerous time where bull elephants become randy, aggressive and pumped full of hormones.
"As Amarula made his way closer to the VW Passat I sat quietly in a nearby car.
"Realising what was about to unfold I nervously grabbed my camera."
Riaan was then left shocked to see the elephant turn towards him.
He added: "Amarula then proceeded to focus his attention on me and only after a 15 minute chase did he finally lose interest and wander off into the bushes."

Friday, 25 February 2011

FWD - Minnesota Man Arrested After Caught Deep-Frying Wings While Drunk -

FWD - Minnesota Man Arrested After Caught Deep-Frying Wings While Drunk -

A 21-year-old former criminal justice major is accused of FUI -- frying under the influence.
The troubles for man started about 1:25 a.m., when he tripped the alarm where he works, Pizza Hut in the 100 block of 7th Avenue S., authorities said.
"He had access to the building, but he just didn't reset the alarm," said Police Lt. Jerry Edblad.
Officers arrived and found the restaurant's back door open. They came upon the man inside and saw that he had tried to deep-fry some boneless chicken wings, police said. The marinara sauce must not have been to his liking. Police say he threw some on the wall.
After his arrest, the man was given a preliminary breath test for alcohol. His blood-alcohol content reading came back at .22, police said. That's nearly three times the legal limit for driving in Minnesota.
The suspect was jailed on suspicion of third-degree burglary, but Edblad suspects that the man could end up being charged with a lesser offense, possibly theft, given that he is an employee.
The man had been studying criminal justice recently at St. Cloud State University but was not enrolled this semester, said school spokesman Michael Nistler.

Voodoo sex ceremony spawns fatal fire -

Voodoo sex ceremony spawns fatal fire - 

Candles used in voodoo sex ceremony caused a fatal five alarm fire after they tipped over and ignited bed sheets in a Brooklyn, New York, apartment, authorities said Friday.
The fire left an elderly woman dead and injured 20 firefighters and three Brooklyn residents, according to a New York Fire Department statement.
A voodoo priest allegedly placed the candles on the floor around the bed on Saturday after a woman paid him $300 to perform a ceremony with a sexual component, that was meant to bring her good luck, fire department officials said.
The candles were accidentally knocked over during the ceremony prompting the man to douse the flames with water and open a window in an effort to clear smoke from the room, the statement said.
Forty mile-per-hour wind gusts instead shot the flames back inside the room, it said, creating a "blowtorch effect" that whipped through the open window and pushed the fire into the building's fourth floor hallway.
"Time and time again we respond to tragedies that could have been so easily prevented," Fire Commissioner Salvatore J. Cassano said in the statement. "This fire had so many of those elements ... hopefully others will learn from this tragedy."
The occupants fled the apartment, leaving the door open, the statement said.
Nearly 200 firefighters from 44 companies took seven hours to bring the fire under control.
Authorities are currently investigating the incident.

Fed Owns 37% More Treasurys Than China - total bank reserves held with the Fed current record $1.29 trillion -

Fed Owns 37% More Treasurys Than China - total bank reserves held with the Fed current record $1.29 trillion -

There are two key datapoints to present in this week's Fed balance sheet update: the surge in excess reserves, and the comparative Treasury holdings between the Fed and other foreign countries. But first the basics: the total Fed balance sheet hit a new all time record of $2.5 trillion. The increase was primarily driven by a $23 billion increase in Treasury holdings as of the week ended February 23 (so add another $5 billion for yesterday's POMO) to $1.214 trillion. With rates surging, QE Lite has been put on hibernation and there were no mortgage buybacks by the Fed in the past week: total MBS were $958 billion and Agency debt was also unchanged at $144 billion. The higher rates go, the less the QE Lite mandate of monetization meaning that the Fed will be continuously behind schedule in its combined QE2 expectation to buy up to $900 billion by the end of June. Yet most notably, as we touched upon yesterday, the Fed's reserves with banks surged by $73 billion in the past week, as more capital was reallocated from the unwinding SFP program. As noted previously, we expect the total bank reserves held with the Fed to jump from the current record $1.29 trillion to at least $1.7 trillion by June.

FBI being sued for crashing a Ferrari - fishtailed and slid sideways shortly after leaving the FBI storage warehouse -

FBI being sued for crashing a Ferrari - fishtailed and slid sideways shortly after leaving the FBI storage warehouse -

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Department of Justice have landed themselves in hot water over the destruction of a Ferrari F50. According to The Detroit News, the vehicle was reported stolen from a dealership in Rosemont, Pennsylvania in 2003, and the dealer made and insurance claim for the sum of $750,000 at that time. Michigan-based Motors Insurance Corp. shelled out the cash, and in August 2008, the FBI recovered the vehicle in Kentucky. At that time, the FBI stored the vehicle while waiting to prosecute the thief, at least until someone at the bureau decided to use it for a little local arbor work.

The Ferrari F50 lost control and struck a tree with an FBI special agent behind the wheel in May of 2009, and Motors Insurance Corp. subsequently filed a claim to both the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice for the full $750,000. Both parties rejected the claim under the pretense that the Ferrari was being detained by the FBI at the time of the incident.

The insurance company then set about submitting Freedom of Information Act requests for documents pertaining to the storage, transportation and handling of the Italian exotic, most of which were denied under federal exemptions or outright ignored. The company did manage to get a hold of one email that said that U.S. Assistant Attorney J. Hamilton Thompson rode with Special Agent Frederick C. Kingston on the day of the accident and that the vehicle fishtailed and slid sideways shortly after leaving the FBI storage warehouse.

Motors Insurance Corp. is now suing both the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI to release the rest of the documents pertaining to the vehicle.
Read more - http://www.autoblog.com/2011/02/24/fbi-being-sued-for-crashing-a-ferrari/

If he runs for president, Donald Trump is likely to spend $200 million of his own funds - in his latest publicity stunt -

If he runs for president, Donald Trump is likely to spend $200 million of his own funds - in his latest publicity stunt -

If he runs for president, Donald Trump is likely to take a page out of other recent billionaire political aspirant's playbooks and cut himself a check to the tune of $200 million to finance the expensive endeavor.
That's according to longtime GOP operative Roger Stone, who is currently an informal adviser to Trump.

"I would imagine he would be a self-funder," Stone told Politico Thursday.
"I think he passes up public finance because he then could say, 'I don't answer to anybody but myself and the American people, not special interests,'" Stone also said.
"He's sitting on $2 billion in cash. That's what he says. And if that's true, he could write a check for $200 million if he wanted to."
Trump would be the latest in a string of wealthy individuals who have completely self-financed their campaigns with mixed results. Most recently, ex-eBay CEO Meg Whitman dropped close to $150 million of her own fortune in her unsuccessful bid last year to become governor of California.
In 2009, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent $90 million of his own money only to narrowly squeak out a re-election victory over the poorly funded city comptroller William Thompson.
Of course, it remains to be seen if Trump is actually serious about running for president, or, more likely, stringing the media along in his latest publicity stunt.
But MSNBC's Joe Scarborough reported Friday Trump told him his current presidential deliberations are no joke.
"I talked to him yesterday on the phone ... and he said, 'Most people out there think this is a joke – that I'm doing this for publicity. Imagine what happens the day I announce I am actually running for president,'" Scarborough aid on his program Friday.

Pelosi edits honorary resolution...on Pelosi - its praise wasn't good enough for the House minority leader -

Pelosi edits honorary resolution...on Pelosi - its praise wasn't good enough for the House minority leader -

The Democratic National Committee wanted to honor Nancy Pelosi Thursday -- but its praise wasn't good enough for the House minority leader.

When the DNC's Resolutions Committee brought up a resolution commemorating Pelosi's years as speaker of the House, Pelosi's daughter sought to alter the proposal at her mother's behest, adding some of the accomplishments that the elder Pelosi felt the committee had overlooked.

"I have some friendly amendments," said Christine Pelosi, a political strategist, at the committee's session during the DNC Winter Meeting at the Marriott Wardman Park hotel Thursday afternoon. She is a member of the committee.

"You think I'm kidding," Christine Pelosi added, to surprised laughter from the room. The proposed changes, she indicated, came out of a discussion with her mother.

First, Pelosi wanted to add a mention of her fight against HIV and AIDS, because it was "why she went to Congress." Then, she wanted to insert a paragraph on her "accomplishments for equality," mentioning the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 and the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" in December.

"Finally, since, as she said, 'I'm not going anywhere,' she wanted to add, in the final 'whereas' clause, '...and will continue the fight for America's working families,'" Christine Pelosi said.

The committee applauded that point, and approved the amended resolution on a voice vote.

The Pelosi resolution, submitted by a roster of Democratic luminaries headed by DNC Chairman Tim Kaine, was one of dozens of ceremonial acts considered by the committee, on such topics as praising President Obama's State of the Union address, honoring the victims of January's Tucson shootings and memorializing Elizabeth Edwards. Most of the resolutions were approved without changes.
Read more - http://www.politico.com/blogs/glennthrush/0211/Pelosi_edits_honorary_resolutionon_Pelosi_.html?showall

Thursday, 24 February 2011

U.S. Government Gift Shops Import Patriotic Products -- from China... -

U.S. Government Gift Shops Import Patriotic Products -- from China... -

Tens of millions flock to the Smithsonian museums in Washington each year to see Americana -- everything from Abraham Lincoln's top hat to Archie Bunker's chair.
But one thing you'll have a hard time finding is something American in the gift shop.

Take the miniature sculptures of presidents sold at the National Museum of American History, located right on the Mall in the nation's capital.
From the busts of George Washington to Barack Obama, they were made in China.
Last month Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, was so outraged by the situation that he fired off a letter demanding that the museum sell products made in the USA. 
"It appears that a museum owned by the people of the United States, celebrating the history of the United States, cannot find companies in this country employing American workers that are able to manufacture statues of our founding fathers, or our current president," Sanders said in a letter to the museum.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

No Big Deal, But Google May Have Promoted a Contest to Get Kids’ Social Security Numbers -

No Big Deal, But Google May Have Promoted a Contest to Get Kids’ Social Security Numbers -

"Doodle-4-Google" is so much more than an art contest. Sure, the game, which received 33,000 entries last year, celebrates "the creativity of young people" by having them send in a drawing under the theme "What I’d like to do someday …" But, there's another component, as well. It also helps Google collect some very personal data on students K through 12. Along with the submission, the contest's initial Parent Consent Form asked for the child's city of birth (not current city, mind you), date of birth, the last four digits of the child's social security number, as well as complete contact info for the parents. Bob Bowdon, who directed The Cartel, a documentary about corruption in the public-school system explained the significance:
You see what Google knows and many parents don't know is that a person's city of birth and year of birth can be used to make a statistical guess about the first five digits of his/her social security number. Then, if you can somehow obtain those last four SSN digits explicitly — voila, you've unlocked countless troves of personal information from someone who didn't even understand that such a disclosure was happening.
If the information Google culled from the contest was linked with other databases to target ads, it could prove lucrative for the company, which enlists promotional help from schools by offering prize money. But Bowdon says he has no evidence that Google has used what it learned for marketing purposes. Not to mention the fact that statistical guessing seems more manpower intensive than the type of passive data collection Google usually prefers (oh, hey there, Street View camera). However, within 26 hours of alerting the FTC, Google updated its consent form eliminating the request for the last four digits of the kid's social security number but leaving in the question about birth city. Okay, class. Who wants to send in a doodle under the theme "Be sort of evil until someone figures it out"?
Update: A Google spokesperson reached out to Intel for comment, noting that this the fourth year of the contest and the first time that the company requested Social Security information.
This year we started accepting doodles from kids even if their school hadn't registered for the contest. To help us keep entries distinct and remove duplicate entries from any particular student, we asked parents for limited information, including the last 4 digits of a student's social security number. We later updated our forms when we recognized that we could sufficiently separate legitimate contest entries while requesting less information. To be clear, these last 4 digits were not entered into our records and will be safely discarded.

The city of birth helps us identify whether contestants are eligible for the contest, as winners must be either U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents of the U.S. The information isn't used for any other purpose.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

94-Year-Old Mayor Calls It Quits - Olive Stephens will not seek 20th term as mayor of Shady Shores -

94-Year-Old Mayor Calls It Quits - Olive Stephens will not seek 20th term as mayor of Shady Shores -

After 48 years of public service, a North Texas mayor is calling it quits. 94-year-old Olive Stephens announced that she will not seek her 20th term as mayor of Shady Shores.
Stephens said her time as mayor may be wrapping up, but this is not the end of her walk in public service.
"Listen, if my legs don't go out on me, I'm planning on doing things until my last breath," Stephens said.
Come May, the town of Shady Shores must find another leader. Stephens said it's time to pass the torch after 38 years as mayor and 10 more years on the town council. She said her legs are weak, and at times it's hard to walk.

"I can't attend a lot of functions that I would like to attend," Stephens said.
Stephens will leave a mark on her community as she moves forward. From the paved roads to the new Town Hall, she's been a part of it all.
"My idea was to develop an area where people live where they would be free. They could live their lives and raise their children and be happy," Stephens said.
The mayor said she's most proud of what she will not be leaving behind.
"Well, I've left you without any debt and money in the bank, so let's see if we can keep it that way," she said.
Stephens says she's looking out for the future of the town she helped raise.

Government Shutdown 2011? - 5 Reasons Why It Wouldn’t Really Matter Either Way -

Government Shutdown 2011? - 5 Reasons Why It Wouldn’t Really Matter Either Way -

Is the U.S. government going to shutdown on March 4th, 2011?  Possibly.  The current temporary funding extension expires on that day.  Speaker of the House John Boehner has pledged that the Republicans in the House will not pass another temporary funding extension that does not include “deep” cuts.  Barack Obama has pledged that he will veto the 61 billion dollars of budget cuts that the House of Representatives has just passed.  So now Boehner and Obama are playing a really bizarre game of chicken, and if neither of them blinks the U.S. government will shut down on March 4th.  So what will that mean?  Well, in a “government shutdown”, the entire government does not actually shut down.  Rather, only “essential personnel” are kept on during a shutdown and only “essential services” are provided.  Barack Obama would keep showing up at the White House and the U.S. military would continue to do their thing.  But it would cause a temporary disruption to a lot of government activities that people normally rely on.
In the end, however, a shutdown of the U.S. government would not really make much of a difference at all unless it went on for a number of months.  The following are 5 reasons why….
#1 The “Deep” Cuts That The Republicans Are Proposing Are An Absolute Joke
So the Republicans and the Democrats are blowing all of this hot air over a measly 61 billion dollars?
What a joke.
Considering the fact that the federal budget deficit for this year is projected to be 1.65 trillion dollars, a mere 61 billion dollars is just a drop in the bucket.
Whether 61 billion dollars gets cut or not is not really going to make much of a difference in the long run.
Does anyone out there really believe that there is a significant difference between a $1.65 trillion budget deficit and a $1.59 trillion budget deficit?
At the end of the day, neither political party is willing to consider serious cuts to Social Security, Medicare or the U.S. military.
The fact that a mere 61 billion in budget cuts has us on the verge of a government shutdown proves that the U.S. government will never be able to have a balanced budget ever again.
#2 The Mail Will Still Be Delivered And Everyone Will Still Eventually Get Their Government Checks
During the last government shutdown the post office still delivered mail.  Social Security checks were still sent out.  Life did not end.
Sure there may be a delay in the delivery of government checks to some people and the processing of new Social Security claims may be put off for a little while, but fairly quickly after the end of a government shutdown life would get back to “normal”.
#3 Government Workers Will Still Eventually Get All Their Pay
During the 5 day U.S. government shutdown back in 1995, approximately 800,000 “non-essential” government employees were told not to come in to work.  But eventually they all got paid retroactively.  So not much harm was really done.
#4 The Government Will Not Really Save That Much Money By Shutting Down
Yes, the government will initially save a bit of money from shutting down, but then there will be additional costs to ramp back up after the shutdown is over.  In fact, many analysts actually believe that the last two government shutdowns actually cost the government a lot more money than they saved.
#5 Whatever “Deal” That Obama And The Republicans Would Agree To After A Government Shutdown Is Probably Very Similar To Whatever Deal They Would Agree To Now
The Republican-controlled House of Representatives just passed a budget measure that includes $61 billion in budget cuts.  Dozens of federal programs would be eliminated.  Federal funding for AmeriCorps and PBS would end.  Funding for Planned Parenthood is also on the Republican chopping block.
Obviously Barack Obama cannot agree to these things without his ultra-liberal base going hog wild.
But all of the Tea Party politicians that were just sent to Washington D.C. are bound and determined to show that they are serious about budget cuts.
So who is going to end up compromising?
In the end, a group of moderate Republicans could defect and strike a deal with Obama and the Democrats on a new spending bill, but that would make those moderate Republicans a huge target for the Tea Party during the next election.
In any event, it will be very interesting to see how it all plays out.  If we do see a government shutdown it probably will not be for more than a few days.
But wouldn’t it be interesting to see what would happen in the event that the government did shut down for 3 or 4 months?
Would the economy crash?
Would life as we know it change significantly?
Would the American people become extremely angry with one of the political parties?
Perhaps the greatest benefit of an extended government shutdown would be that it would get the government off our backs for at least a little while.
In the end, however, all of this is going to matter very little.
Even if the Republicans got all of the spending cuts that they want we are still going to have a record-breaking federal budget deficit this year.
Our politicians in Washington D.C. simply do not have the will to balance the budget.  Nor do the American people want them to deeply slash their government benefits.
So whether there is a government shutdown or not things are going to keep rolling along as they have been.
The U.S. government is going to continue to pile up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world, and politicians from both parties will continue to give wonderful speeches about how we need to “take responsibility” and “cut spending”, but very few of our politicians will ever actually even try to do anything substantial about it.
In the end, the rest of the world is going to get sick and tired of lending us gigantic amounts of money at super low interest rates.  The Federal Reserve will have to “monetize” more and more and more of our debt.  As this thing plays out, it is just going to become increasingly obvious that this whole game is just one huge Ponzi scheme.
Yes, we can continue running obscene budget deficits for right now, but a great day of reckoning is approaching.  When that day arrives there will be plenty of blame to go around.  Every president since World War 2, every Congress since World War 2, the Federal Reserve and most of the American people have all participated in this madness.
But we are all going to pay the price when the economy crashes.

Prime Minister Cameron takes arms dealers with him on Egypt visit to promote democracy -

Prime Minister Cameron takes arms dealers with him on Egypt visit to promote democracy -

David Cameron was last night accused of using his Middle East tour to promote Arab democracy as a cover for arms sales.
The Prime Minister was branded a ‘disgrace’ after it emerged that he has taken eight defence firms with him on a four-day visit to the region.
Mr Cameron yesterday became the first world leader to visit Egypt since the historic overthrow of President Mubarak and has since travelled to Kuwait to call for political reform.
He said he wanted to offer Britain’s help in creating the ‘building blocks of democracy’ in the country and the wider Arab world.
But critics expressed amazement that Mr Cameron was promoting a mission to sell arms to Arab dictators shortly after Colonel Gaddafi may have used British weapons to kill hundreds of his fellow countrymen in Libya.

Canadian Cities The Most Livable In The World- Vancouver best city in the world- Toronto and Calgary -round out the top 5 -

Canadian Cities The Most Livable In The World- Vancouver best city in the world- Toronto and Calgary -round out the top 5 -

Vancouver is still the best city in the world, according to the annual livable city list just released by the Economic Intelligence Unit. Second best is Melbourne and Vienna comes third. 

Two more Canadian cities -- Toronto and Calgary -- round out the top five. 

There were few surprises in this year's list, at the top or at the bottom. 

But while Vancouver has occupied the top slot since 2007, a slip in grades from Vienna, last year's runner up, allowed Melbourne to leapfrog into second place. 

The rest of the top 10 list continues to be dominated by other Canadian and Australian cities, with the exception of Finland's Helsinki, which ranked sixth, and New Zealand's Auckland, ranked at number 10.

The usual suspects from Africa and Asia occupy the bottom 10, with Zimbabwe's Harare once again languishing in last place due to flagging scores in stability and healthcare.

The exception is the Nepalese city of Kathmandu, which was ranked the bottom eight country in 2010, but has escaped the bottom 10 list this year.

Reuters reported that the most liveable Asian city title went to Japan's Osaka, which was ranked at number 12. Tokyo ranked at 18, Hong Kong several places behind at 31, and Beijing was 72nd.

Pittsburgh ranked as the top city in the United States at 29th place, ahead of Honolulu (30th), Los Angeles (44th) and New York (56th).

The cities were judged according to 30 factors across the categories of stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. The full report can be downloaded here.
The world's top liveable cities:

1. Vancouver, Canada

2. Melbourne, Australia

3. Vienna, Austria

4. Toronto, Canada

5. Calgary, Canada

6. Helsinki, Finland

7. Sydney, Australia

8. Perth, Australia

9. Adelaide, Australia

10. Auckland, New Zealand
Cities in the bottom 10:

131. Colombo, Sri Lanka

132. Dakar, Senegal

133. Tehran, Iran

134. Douala, Cameroon

135. Karachi, Pakistan

136. Algiers , Algeria

137. Lagos, Nigeria

138. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

139. Dhaka , Bangladesh

140. Harare, Zimbabwe

Read more: Australia and Canada dominate 'most liveable cities' list | CNNGo.com http://www.cnngo.com/explorations/life/world-has-not-changed-much-least-according-worlds-most-liveable-city-list-755223#ixzz1EiLtDQEV

Alert pizza delivery driver saves customer's life -

Alert pizza delivery driver saves customer's life -

A pizza delivery driver was called a hero Monday after she likely saved an elderly woman's life.

Before Monday's incident, most neighbors knew little about Memphis resident Jean Wilson, except that she's eaten pizza daily for the past three years.

"We make her pizza every day before she even calls, because we know she's going to call," delivery driver Susan Guy said. 

Guy often delivers Wilson's regular order, one large pepperoni pizza, but recently workers at her restaurant noticed an unusual break in the pattern.

"She hadn't called in three days," Guy said. "My boss told me about it today."

Guy insisted to her boss that she be allowed to check on Wilson.

"He was like, 'Naw, you don't have to do that,' and I said, 'Yeah I do.  Clock me out if that's what you gotta do,'" Guy said.

Guy drove to Wilson's house and knocked on her door, but no one answered.  Then, she banged on Wilson's windows, but there was still no response. Running out of options, Wilson ran to neighbor Larry Comeaux's house for help.

"The pizza lady came over and knocked on the door wanting to know if I'd seen the lady across the street," Comeaux said.

"And he said, 'No, maybe she's not home,'" Guy said. "And I said, 'Well, not home?' I said, 'How many times have you see her leave?' And he goes, 'Never.'"

Guy quickly called 911.  When police arrived, they broke down the door to Wilson's home, and found her lying on a floor inside.

They soon learned that Wilson had fallen on Saturday, and couldn't get over to a telephone to call for help.  Investigators said it's possible that her pizza-only diet may have saved her life.

"She treats us really well," Guy said. "She appreciates us, and that's something we don't get in customers a lot."

Late Monday evening, Wilson was in non-critical condition at St. Francis Hospital.

Read more - http://www.wmctv.com/Global/story.asp?S=14071806