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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Woman Orders a Dishwasher, Gets a Complimentary Snake -

Woman Orders a Dishwasher, Gets a Complimentary Snake - 

Don’t you hate it when you find a legless reptile taped to your brand new dishwasher? Jessica Hasson of Los Angeles sure does, because that’s exactly what happened when Sears delivered her Kenmore Elite last month.

While the delivery crew—and presumably everyone else—failed to notice the sizable garter snake bound to the packaging material, Hasson and her boyfriend were able to observe the striking visual differences between a drain hose and a three-foot serpent.

Hasson promptly called animal control—a sensible move, no doubt—but because of some really inconsiderate bureaucratic minutia (or just laziness), officials weren’t able to do anything, since the snake was “already contained.”

So then she called the fine folks at Sears, who were apologetic but similarly unhelpful: “They’re confused about how to get me a replacement delivered and installed,” she told Business Insider.

The machine was eventually taken away—no word on what happened to the snake—and Hasson is expecting a replacement model some time next week. But that doesn’t detract from the ordeal she’s already been through:

“After waiting over 2 weeks for my delivery, I end up with a snake," she told the source.

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