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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Florida Man demands right to wed computer! -

Florida Man demands right to wed computer! - 

Man sues for the right to marry his porn-laden Macbook, arguing that if gays are allowed to marry then so should other sexual minorities

Chris Sevier, a man from Florida, believes he should be allowed to wed his Macbook.
Mr Sevier argues that if gays should be allowed to marry, then so should other sexual minorities.
Mr Sevier states he has fallen in love with a pornography laden computer.
“Over time, I began preferring sex with my computer over sex with real women,” he told a court in Florida.
This appears to be not a passing holiday romance, but a lifelong commitment.

If gays have the right to “marry their object of sexual desire, even if they lack corresponding sexual parts, then I should have the right to marry my preferred sexual object”, he said.
Mr Sevier, who describes himself as “a former judge advocate and combat veteran”, is persistent, filing claims not only in Florida but also Utah.
The Utah claim, which in reality is an attempt to throw a spanner in the works of a gay marriage case in the federal court, runs to 50 pages.
Mr Sevier argues that allowing gays to marry but denying him the same right amounts to discrimination.
“We are in different classes of sexual orientation,” he told the court in Utah.
If gays feel as is they are second class citizens, Mr Sevier argues then “those of us in the real minority, who want to marry machines and animals, certainly feel like third class citizens”.
Mr Sevier apparently sought a marriage licence for himself and his “machine spouse”, but for some reason was denied.
“The exclusion from marriage to a machine denies myself a dignity and status of immense import,” he argues in his motion.
Mr Sevier cites legal precedents around the world - including a case where a woman married a dolphin and a Chinese man wed a cardboard cutout of himself.
“Allowing my marriage to go forward will not adversely impact the fertility rate any more or less than a same sex couples.
“If there is a risk that is posed to traditional marriage and children, both man-man couples and man-machine couples pose it equally.
“In considering the equal protection clause, there are no fewer policy reasons for preventing man-machine couples from marrying than there are for same-sex couples.”
Unfortunately for Mr Sevier, the courts in Florida and Utah, found his legal arguments unpersuasive.
But with the gay marriage being tested in courts across the country, more motions are inevitable.


USA Has Supervolcano Contingency Plan... -

USA Has Supervolcano Contingency Plan... - 

This map from the U.S. Geological Service shows the range of the volcanic ash that was deposited after the three huge eruptions over the last 2.1 million years.

If the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts then millions of U.S. citizens could end up in Brazil, Australia, or Argentina.

That’s according to the South African news website Praag, which said that the African National Congress was offered $10 billion a year for 10 years if it would build temporary housing for Americans in case of an eruption.

The potential eruption of the supervolcano, one of the biggest in the world, has been a hot topic ever since videos of animals allegedly fleeing the area before an earthquake were posted online. Although the veracity of the claims haven’t been backed up, dozens of bloggers and others have been trying to figure out what, if anything, is going on.

One of the latest theories is that the U.S. Geological Service and its partners, which keep an eye on the caldera, are hiding data from the public.

The Praag article says that the South African government fears that placing so many Americans in South Africa could dramatically change the country.

“South Africa will not be part of the plan, because there is a risk that millions of white Americans could be sent to South Africa in an emergency situation and that this would pose a risk to black national culture identity,” Dr. Siph Matwetwe, spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs, is quoted as saying.

“We have our own challenges, even if there is enough housing and infrastructure available, it will destabilize the country and may even bring back apartheid.”

The gigantic volcano in Yellowstone has erupted three times over the last two million years, covering a huge area of surrounding land. Maps from educational institutions and government officials project that up to 17 states could be fully or partially impacted if the volcano erupted again. The far south of Canada could also get hit, as well as the far north of Mexico.

Scientists aren’t sure when it will erupt next, although many have sought to assure the public that it probably won’t for a while. In reality, the volcano could erupt at any time, though officials would in theory be able to detect an impending eruption and alert Americans to the threat.


TREND: Women Buying Positive Pregnancy Tests To Trap Men... -

TREND: Women Buying Positive Pregnancy Tests To Trap Men... - 

Used positive pregnancy tests can be found for sale all over the Internet.
And as CBS 2’s Alice Gainer reported, those involved said people are snapping them up – with less-than-ethical motivations.
One mother from Dallas did not want her identity revealed, but she does want people to buy her positive pregnancy tests. She talked about one woman who took her up on the offer.
“She wanted to trick him into thinking she was pregnant, so he would drop everything so I gave her two tests,” the woman said.
Buying and selling others’ pregnancy tests is the latest trend on the Internet. Those involved in the trade said the buyers’ motive is often to trap a man – and that is not all.
“Ninety-five percent of the girls just want to lie to get a man,” the seller said.
And the sellers know that.
One Craigslist ad posted last year by a Central New Jersey woman read: “I am pregnant and will sell you a positive pregnancy test. These will be taken right before you’re ready to pick them up. Wanna get your boyfriend to finally pop the question? Play a trick on mom, dad or one of your friends? I really don’t care what you use it for.”
Another ad from Buffalo promised no judgment at all. It read in part: “Ever since I became pregnant, I have been asked numerous times for a positive test, so I decided to start charging for it! I will test the same day you want to pick it up! I don’t care what you use it for, not my business!”
“You can tell the girls who are up to no good,” the seller said.
Ethics and morality aside, relationship expert Dr. Jane Greer said having to use a phony test to get your partner to commit is clearly a bad sign for the future.
“If you’re buying one of these, it really is a statement that you’re not on solid ground with the person you are in a relationship,” Greer said.
The Dallas pregnancy test seller said there are other motivations for buying the tests besides snaring a partner.
“One girl said she just wanted to play a trick on her mom,” she said.
And still others may have more sinister plans. Authorities warned people to be careful how they use the purchased positive tests.
“For example, if a married man is having an affair and he tried to break it off with the girl, and she became upset and decided to present this fake pregnancy test and demand money, otherwise she would tell the spouse. That would be a level of blackmail,” Overland Park, Kansas, police Officer Gary Mason told CBS affiliate KCTV-TV, Kansas City.
Whatever the reason for buying it, many said they find the idea inconceivable.
“That’s playing with people’s emotions,” one man said. “You don’t mess with stuff like that.”
“I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving side of that,” another said.
“It’s just like any other con – cons are no good,” a woman said.
But mothers-to-be who sell the tests for as much as $30 each said it is just the latest commodity online.
“It’s a neat, marketable skill – it’s kind of unique. You’re only going do it so many times in your life,” the Dallas woman said.
Some expectant mothers are going so far as to sell their urine online, as well.


Psychologist: YOUTUBE Has Become Tutorial For Kids On How To Act Violent... -

Psychologist: YOUTUBE Has Become Tutorial For Kids On How To Act Violent... -

Researchers and psychologists have long questioned what kind of effects violent television shows, song lyrics and video games have had on audiences throughout the years. Now, those same questions are being applied to videos featuring violent attacks and fights on sites like YouTube.
Clinical social worker and psychotherapist Laura Miller explained that video sharing sites like YouTube and WorldStarHipHop are allowing users to receive unlimited attention.
“I do think there is something about the unlimited attention that the Internet and specifically social media offer youth today that provides an incentive to defy rules and morality in the pursuit of a certain kind of power through broadcasting violent and demeaning behavior towards others,” Miller told CBSDC. “But I don’t think that YouTube and other social media sites can really be blamed for this.”
Man’s Death During Tough Mudder Event Prompts Lawsuit
Miller said that a new reality of teenagers’ lives is social media, but sites like YouTube are not the reason why some teens are choosing to humiliate others by posting violent videos featuring attacks on one another.
“Cyber bullying and teen violence need to be addressed in schools and at home,” Miller said. “The sadistic impulse to demean and physically harm other for fun that is demonstrated by the videos is not new, only the breadth of the available audience is.”
Krystine Batcho, Ph.D., though, voiced her concern that sites like YouTube have become tutorials for anything, including how to act violently.

“A new phenomenon has occurred where sites like YouTube have become tutorials for kids,” Batcho, who has been seeing patients as a psychologist for over 30 years. “If you’re a teenage boy being rejected you’re going to look for a community or someone else out there who shares the same emotions as you. YouTube is so huge that the boy is likely to find someone else with similar thoughts or feelings.”
Batcho added that some kids can’t tell the difference between violent fantasies and what’s real.
“Young kids can’t tell what’s real and what’s not because there’s so much on there they can learn about things from all over the internet,” Batcho said. “We’ve had various incidents where people encourage young teens to commit suicide and you can find out how to do that on the Internet particularly social sharing sites.”
“A lot of people who post violent videos of them attacking someone or something else feel like the video is going to give them some immortality when it’s not.”

Michael Broder, Ph.D., a renowned psychologist, agreed with Miller, also suggesting that sites like YouTube do not perpetuate violence.
“If there’s a solution, people really have to take more responsibility for their own behavior,” Broder told CBS DC. “Sites are getting more interactive and so forth with their audiences and they’re not going away because they’re making money.”
Broder, who is a bestselling author of Stage Climbing: The Shortest Path to Your Highest Potential, explained that kids being bullied or mean to one another is a fact of life and something that they go through, but school shootings or acts of violence should not be blamed on violent or abusive videos that were shared on social media sites.
“If one percent of people who were bullied went around committing mass murders, we’d be walking down the street seeing bodies lying everywhere,” Broder said. “I think that there’s a tendency and this had kind of grown in the past 25 years or so to blame other factors for people’s behavior.”
Joanne Broder Sumerson, Ph.D., and a research psychologist, agreed with Broder and explained that people need to be held accountable for their actions, and not blame violent videos on YouTube.
“People should be held accountable for their violent actions,” Sumerson told CBSDC. “Parents should be held accountable for teaching the long-term legal, emotional, social, and physical damage from the video content. The sites are not to blame. Individual lack of emotional and social intelligence plays a larger role.”

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