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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Pet Owners Turn To Medical Marijuana To Help Ailing Animals... -

Pet Owners Turn To Medical Marijuana To Help Ailing Animals... - 

When it comes to sick pets many owners will go to great lengths to help them feel better.

Now, some have started to take matters into their own hands and have turned to a remedy that isn’t even legal in some states, CBS 2′s Maurice Dubois reported Friday.

Rowyn Capers’ dog, “Luna,” was suffering from late-stage lymphoma and was put on an intense schedule of chemotherapy. The treatments came with devastating side effects.

“Her lymph nodes were like golf balls and she was coughing constantly and she couldn’t breath and I just thought it’s time to say goodbye,” Capers said.

Capers gave Luna medical marijuana to help ease her suffering.

“The first time I dosed her I was so scared. We were looking at her all night,” Capers said, “The more I increased her cannabis dose the less side effects that she had. The vomiting stopped, the diarrhea stopped.”

The cannabis came in the form of a concentrated oil in a capsule. Capers said the results have been remarkable.

“When you see them enjoying life and feeling better and not being sick you know you’ve hit something,” she said.

Certified animal behaviorist Darlene Arden is a strong advocate for the use of medical marijuana on pets. She called cannabis a “legitimate medication.”

“I think we can now see marijuana for exactly what it is and what it can do. Not a street drug but a legitimate medication to be used under proper supervision,” she said.

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