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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Elephant has sex with a car - leaving the passengers inside with a jumbo-sized problem -

Elephant has sex with a car - leaving the passengers inside with a jumbo-sized problem - 

THIS horny Dumbo mounted a car he mistook for a mate leaving the passengers inside with a jumbo-sized problem.

The randy elephant got on with the tusk and went bumper to bumper with the saloon car before tyring of the chase and rolling the vehicle on to its back into the bushes.
Irishman John Somer and terrified friend Carina Lowers were driving the Volkswagen Passat through the Pilanesberg Game Reserve in South Africa when they came across the five-ton bull, called Amarula.
John, 66, who lives in nearby Rustenburg, said: "I never thought I would be killed by an elephant. When I turned the corner there was another vehicle in the road in front of us.
"The driver started reversing and stopped next to us. I'm Irish and he was speaking Afrikaans, but I could make out the word 'elephant'."
John was unable to back up out of a ditch so turned the engine off hoping to avoid Amarula's attention.
But the elephant came straight for them and began rubbing up against the car.
John, who was visiting the reserve to celebrate his 66th birthday, said: "It really did seem to regard the car as a female elephant and was making advances on 'her'.
"When the bull started flipping the car over my life literally started flashing before my eyes.
"The car landed on its roof and we were lying inside it.
"Carina was very scared and wanted to crawl out but first I wanted to see where the elephant was.
"When we saw it was walking away we crawled out through the window."
Fellow nature lover Riaan van Wyk managed to catch the incredible scenes on camera.
He said: "Amarula is one of the largest bull elephants in the reserve.
"To make a bad situation worse, he was in musth - a dangerous time where bull elephants become randy, aggressive and pumped full of hormones.
"As Amarula made his way closer to the VW Passat I sat quietly in a nearby car.
"Realising what was about to unfold I nervously grabbed my camera."
Riaan was then left shocked to see the elephant turn towards him.
He added: "Amarula then proceeded to focus his attention on me and only after a 15 minute chase did he finally lose interest and wander off into the bushes."