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Friday, 20 January 2012

DeKalb Police Officer Shoots, Kills Dog at Wrong House -

DeKalb Police Officer Shoots, Kills Dog at Wrong House - 

 A DeKalb County woman says her dog was shot in cold blood Tuesday night by a police officer who should not have even been at her home.

DeKalb County police confirmed the officer responded to a 911 call at the wrong address and say he fired at the dog because he felt threatened.

Bobby Currie said her 2-year-old German Sheppard, Easy, was secured on a chain outside her home when the officer arrived.

Currie said she questions how the officer could have been threatened by the dog.

The officer was responding to a 911 call placed at an address across the street from Currie’s house. The officer apparently didn’t realize that mistake as he argued with Currie’s husband, Anthony.

"The threat wasn't the dog, the threat was across the street," said Currie.

DeKalb County Police Department spokesperson Mekka Parish said the incident is under investigation.

“We do empathize with them about their pet but we need patience and time to figure out exactly what happened so we have the answers to their questions,” said Parish.

Parish confirmed a domestic disturbance call came from the home across the street. She said investigators are trying to determine why the officer responded to Currie’s home.

The responding officer has not been placed on paid administrative leave. He was back on the job Wednesday.

Currie said she would like an apology from the officer.

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