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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Picture of the day - If You're Going to Have an Ejaculating Penis Tattoo, Choose Its Placement Wisely -

Picture of the day - If You're Going to Have an Ejaculating Penis Tattoo, Choose Its Placement Wisely -

Guitar Pee: Urinals Make Music - allowing guys to create unique solos while emptying their bladder -

Guitar Pee: Urinals Make Music - allowing guys to create unique solos while emptying their bladder - 
bangstyle.com  music  Guitar Pee: Urinals Make Music

Musicians are made, not born. And in select Brazilian bars, a urinal called Guitar Pee makes sweet, sweet music of not-so-proverbial sh*t. The device, developed by Brazilian creative agency AlmapBBDO, produces a heavy metal symphony when bladder-heavy stumblers let loose their streams. 

“The Guitar Pee is a mix between menĂ¢s urinal and an electric guitar, allowing guys to create unique solos while emptying their bladder,” writes BestAdsOnTV.com. 

The agency outfitted the urinal with a guitar neck on top of the appliance. Instructions are written along the side of the wall next the handle. Above it sits a box–the sound-making device–to which an attached black cord runs along the side of the wall and connects with the base of the urinal. Inside the porcelain bowl, seven strings attached to circular devices project pre-recorded sounds depending on where the stream hits. Each stream is recorded and changed into an “MPee3,” which users can access by typing in the number generated by the box through a mobile app called  ”MPee3.”

Music magazine Billboard Brasil is the brand behind the Guitar Pee and in its promotional efforts makes this assertion: “Music. We know it comes for everywhere.”

Thus far, the best aspect of the Guitar Pee’s debut is the reactions of the patrons who actually get to use it (see video below). There’s the guy who doesn’t look up, but the camera captures the surprise of a man in an opposite urinal when clanging metallic riffs burst forth. There’s the guy who stares, zombie-like, unaffected. The smiler. The one who chooses not to pee in such a strange-looking contraption. And then there are the wanna-be rock-stars, who exit the urinal with fist pumps and rock-on symbols before tweeting out the Guitar Pee to their friends. 

According to BestAdsOnTV.com, Guitar Pee has recorded “1,500 unique guitar solos” and is constantly churning out more. There’s no real explanation as to the purpose of the device, but the Guitar Pee’s popularity is a brilliant marketing scheme. If only they made one for girls…

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Hidden camera footage shows complicity in 'sex-selective' abortions by US providers... -

Hidden camera footage shows complicity in 'sex-selective' abortions by US providers... - 

Live Action says Planned Parenthood and other U.S. abortion providers are willing to assist in the termination of baby girls for pregnant women who choose abortion because they want to have baby boys. And the pro-life abortion watchdog says its video series and a new website will expose it all.

“This was a multi-state, national investigation demonstrating that this is a widespread problem across our country,” Live Action president Lila Rose told The Daily Caller in an interview Monday.

“First of all, the statistics and studies indicate that we are adding to the growing problem across the world of sex-selective targeting of unborn girls for abortion. We are going to be demonstrating — starting with this video from Texas — that the abortion industry in the United States is aiding and abetting this horrific problem.”

The first in what Live Action says is a series of videotaped incidents exposing American abortion facilities’  willingness to assist in sex-selection abortions took place at a South Austin, Texas Planned Parenthood clinic. In the footage, a Planned Parenthood counselor appears to readily assist and advise a Live Action actor who said she was trying to obtain an abortion if her baby is female.

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Australian mom says a Kangaroo stalked her for 2 days then attacked her -

Australian mom says a Kangaroo stalked her for 2 days then attacked her - 
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An Australian mom has told of being "stalked" by a rogue kangaroo for two days before it savaged her, leaving her with a 12-inch scar.

Kirrily McWilliams was first confronted by the growling female eastern gray kangaroo in the backyard of her property south of Port Macquarie, in New South Wales -- and the next day it got through her fence and attacked her dog, a 143-pound mastiff.
Despite worried calls to National Parks and Wildlife Services for help, McWilliams was told to ignore the animal and it would go away, The (Sydney) Daily Telegraph reported.
That afternoon she was walking down the driveway to pick her daughter up from the school bus when she saw the mad marsupial heading towards her at high speed. With nowhere to hide she dropped to the ground and curled up in a ball.
"If you stand and confront them they can easily tear you apart because that's what they do to each other," McWilliams said.
It pounded at her a number of times, clawing at her back with its powerful hind legs before bounding away. She sustained a large gash and other scratches on her back.
"It was lucky it was cool weather and I had two layers of clothing, otherwise it could have been worse," she said.
While she was at the hospital, her husband was attacked by the kangaroo in the backyard, but he kept it at bay with a shovel.
A day later, NPWS officials issued a permit to hire a shooter and kill the kangaroo -- but by that time it had moved on and attacked someone else.
There have been a number of cases of kangaroos lashing out.
NPWS said the powerful eastern grays, which can weigh up to 145 pounds and stand almost six feet, were considered dangerous and its policy was to educate people on avoiding conflict.

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New smartphone in Japan to feature a radiation detector -

New smartphone in Japan to feature a radiation detector - 
Softbank Corp's new smartphone "Pantone" series, made by Sharp Corp, which measures radiation levels in microsieverts per hour.

Mobile phone operator Softbank Corp said on Tuesday it would soon begin selling smartphones with radiation detectors, tapping into concerns that atomic hotspots remain along Japan’s eastern coast more than a year after the Fukushima crisis.

Parts of northeastern Japan are still off-limits due to high radiation levels after the Fukushima nuclear plant was devastated by a huge earthquuake and tsunami, triggering meltdowns and spewing radiation.

Anti-nuclear sentiment is high, with advocacy groups in Tokyo and other cities calling for radiation monitoring at schools and other public facilities.

“The threat from the nuclear accident cannot be seen by the human eye and continues to be a concern for many people, especially for mothers with small children,” said Softbank founder and president, Masayoshi Son, standing in front of an aerial photo of the crippled plant.

The smartphone in the company’s “Pantone” series will come in eight bright colours and include customized IC chips made by Sharp Corp that measure radiation levels in microsieverts per hour.

The phone, which goes on sale this summer, can also keep track of each location a user tests for radiation levels.

Son, who emerged as an outspoken critic of nuclear power and advocate of renewable energy sources after last year’s quake, told vendors and reporters that the smartphone was more portable and user-friendly than conventional Geiger counters.

Softbank, Japan’s No. 3 mobile phone operator, has not set a price on the new smartphone yet, but Son told reporters after the event that it would be in an affordable price range.


Security backdoor found in China-made US military chip -

Security backdoor found in China-made US military chip - 

US military chip vulnerable to "IP theft, fraud and Trojans", researchers find

A microchip used by the US military and manufactured in China contains a secret “backdoor” that means it can be shut off or reprogrammed without the user knowing, according to researchers at Cambridge University’s Computing Laboratory.

UPDATE: However, one security consultancy has said that the implication that the backdoor might have been secretly inserted by the Chinese manufacturer is “bogus”, and that malicious intent is unlikely.

In a draft paper, Cambridge University researcher Sergei Skorobogatov wrote that the chip in question is widely used in military and industrial applications. The “backdoor” means it is “wide open to intellectual property theft, fraud and reverse engineering of the design to allow the introduction of a backdoor or Trojan”, they said.

The discovery was made during testing of a new technique to extract the encryption key from chips, developed by Cambridge spin-off Quo Vadis Labs. The “bug” is in the actual chip itself, Skorobogatov wrote, rather than the firmware installed on the devices that use it, meaning there is no way to fix it than to replace the chip altogether.

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