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Saturday, 7 March 2015

New app that analyses facial expressions will be able to tell if you're lying -

New app that analyses facial expressions will be able to tell if you're lying - 

You may actually have to tell the truth at your future job interviews thanks to new software that acts as a 'lie detector' by analysing your facial expressions. 
It has been created by American company ooVoo who believe it will be useful in the world of business and politics, according to the Telegraph.
Researchers fed a computer huge amounts of pictures showing human expressions - collected as part of a project on autism - to 'teach' it how to read emotions, Christopher Williams reported.
But even the firm behind the technology admits 'it is going to cause some worries for people' because of privacy issues.

It could also be used during financial negotiations to gauge if someone is going to commit to deal, according to ooVoo, which is working in partnership with a leader in perceptual computing and emotional analytics.
Affectiva's technology was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 
The firm is also planning to use the app in retail to see how customers react to a particular product or display.
The company - whose web-conferencing app has been downloaded by over 100 million people worldwide - unveiled their new software at the mobile industry's biggest technology showcase in Barcelona this week.

Political pollsters are already planning to use it on a wide scale during the next US presidential election next year after testing it in the country.
With more and more employers interviewing potential candidates over video chat, it could be used to gather more information about their body language - and even if they are lying. 
The managing director of Myrian Capital who own ooVoo believes this would simply be 'another source of data' for employers.

He said: 'There are major implications of this , including privacy and it is going to cause some worries for people.
'But history shows these worries get addressed wither by regulation or people just getting used to things.'
More complicated and potentially controversial versions of the software are also in development. 


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