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Friday, 9 January 2015

FedEx driver accused of Stealing Puppies off front porch -

FedEx driver accused of Stealing Puppies off front porch - 

Usually when a delivery truck driver stops at your house, they’re dropping something off.

But one Houston family says they have proof a FedEx driver tried to take two French Bulldog puppies off the front porch, while the family was home.

In footage recorded Thursday afternoon, a FedEx driver stops his truck on the driveway of the Correa family home, as puppies Bruno and Sheila play in front of the house.

The driver calls to the puppies, and the family says he spends over 10 minutes trying to corral them into his truck.

“He put both puppies in his car then he just went somewhere with the puppies,” owner Savannah Correa told KPRC-TV News in Houston.

At one point, one of the puppies escapes from the truck, and the driver follows her all the way up to the front porch of the home to retrieve her.

“He knew somebody was home, all the trucks out there, [and] the door was cracked. He knew we were home,” Armando Correa said.

Later that night, the family got a call from a vet clinic saying someone had dropped off their dogs after finding them wandering the streets.

The two dogs, which Fox 10 in Arizona reports are valued at over $2,500 each, are reported to be in good health despite being out in the cold night.

“I think there would have been emotional trauma had they been separated because it’s apparent they need each other,” Dr. John Gregory of Kirkwood Veterinary Hospital told local reporters.

Both FedEx and the Harris County Sheriff’s Department are launching investigations into the family’s allegations.

Meanwhile, the driver says he was only trying to return the two dogs to their rightful owner, after discovering them playing far from any home.

However, the family isn’t convinced.

“When I saw that FedEx truck pull in, and that guy got out and started calling my dogs. I was like, wait a minute: what’s going on here?” Armando Correa said.


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