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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Wristband notices when you fall asleep, records your TV show... -

Wristband notices when you fall asleep, records your TV show... - 

The KipstR wristband tracks when you fall asleep and sets your TV to record the rest of the show.

Wearable technology is great, but so much of it is obsessed with getting you fit. Apps can track your heartbeat, encourage you to hit the gym, and remind you just how many calories were in that last donut. But what about a product designed for more relaxed individuals?

Wouldn't it be helpful, say, if a wristband could tell if you doze off while watching the TV, then automatically record the rest of the show?

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As it happens, two young tech prodigies have created exactly that. KipstR was developed by teenagers Ryan Oliver, 15, and Jonathan Kingsley, 14, students at Manchester Creative Studio, in conjunction with TV and broadband provider Virgin Media.

The pair have come up with a 3D-printed wristband that uses a pulse oximeter, a clinical device for diagnosing sleep disorders, to sense when the user has drifted off. The KipstR band then mimics the user's TiVo remote to pause and record the TV show that was playing.


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