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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Entirely new pasta shape is invented by physicists - ‘anneloni’ – 

Entirely new pasta shape is invented by physicists

Two physicists have created an entirely new form of pasta – ‘anneloni’ – which is, its creators boast, far more difficult to eat than any previous known form of pasta.

‘Anneloni’ is made using nothing more exotic than two eggs and 200g of plain flour – and is created in a normal pasta maker, rather than the Large Hadron Collider.

Simply cook, and throw it into a bowl, and it forms hugely complicated entangled loops of pasta, which prove something quite important about physics, and taste delicious with a light dusting of parmesan.

The researchers, Davide Michieletto and Matthew S Turner of the university University of Warwick say that the new pasta is far more baffling than boring, normal pasta such as spaghetti.

While it’s easy to suck or pull out a strand of spaghetti it’s much harder to extract a single piece of pasta from a pile of anelloni, which get horribly tangled up.

This mimics the behaviour of ring-shaped polymers, which the two physicists love almost as much as pasta itself.

‘When it comes to eating pasta, the Italians were right all along – you’re better off sticking to spaghetti, which you can eat nice and quickly. Make yourself a bowl of anelloni and it’s likely to have gone cold by the time you’ve pulled all the rings apart and struggled your way to the messy end,” the researchers say.

‘The thing about ring-shaped polymers…is that they’re very poorly understood – in fact, they’re one of the last big mysteries in polymer physics,’ the researchers write.


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