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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Endless winter: Lake Superior 'ice may last until July'... -

Endless winter: Lake Superior 'ice may last until July'... - 

I'm gonna keep writing about this until the last cube of ice is melted (if that happens). Unimaginably, there's still ice from the savage winter of 2013-14 on the south shore of Lake Superior near Marquette, Mich.

The National Weather Service in Marquette posted this late yesterday, June 1:

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The Marquette Mining-Journal newspaper reports that according to some forecasts, the ice may last until July:

"To many area residents who suffered through one of the worst winters on record for the area, seeing the ice chunks on the lake every day is a continuing reminder of that wintry grip of Mother Nature, which still has yet to completely loosen," the paper noted on its website.


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