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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Could you be allergic to your mobile phone? -

Could you be allergic to your mobile phone? - 

If you have ever noticed itching, redness or swelling near your cheekbones, jaw or hands you could be allergic to the metal in your mobile phone, scientists have warned

They have been accused of frying our brains; altering our posture and ruining our grasp of the English language but now scientists claim mobile phones could also bring us out in a rash.
If you have ever noticed swelling, redness, itching or blistering near your cheekbones, ears, jaw or hands, you may be allergic to your phone.
A new study suggests the nickel, chromium and cobalt found in common phones made by BlackBerry, Samsung and LG among others, can cause skin irritations.
Danish and US researchers found at least 37 incidents since 2000 where contact dermatitis was caused by mobile phones.
For those allergic to metals, symptoms range from dry-itchy patches on the face or ears to redness, blistering, lesions, and sometimes oozing.

Half of BlackBerry, 75 per cent of Samsung’s and 70 per cent of Motorola phones tested had nickel or cobalt on the keypad or headset. No Apple iPhones, Nokias or Androids were found to contain metal.
Most suffers developed skin problems on their face, although some reported rashes on their hands and thighs.
One 17-year-old French teenager was left with a rash on her chest after keeping her mobile phone tucked into her bra.
Most people reported problems after using their phone continuously for 30 minutes or for more than an hour throughout the day.
Report authors said doctors should be aware that many phones have nickel and cobalt in their headsets, screen surrounds or buttons, which could cause allergic reactions.


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