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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Spy device live-Tweets private conversations... - Conversnitch -

Spy device live-Tweets private conversations... - Conversnitch - 

A tiny new spy device aims to automatically transcribe and Tweet overheard conversations. It's called Conversnitch.

Brian House and Kyle McDonald are behind the eavesdropping device.

They say it bridges the gap between (presumed) private physical space and public space online.

One of the creators, Kyle McDonald, released a video of the device being connected to a table lamp at a bank, in a hanging lamp at a McDonald's, in a library light, and even a street lamp in a New York City park.

The device needs to have continuous access to an Internet-connected wireless network to work. It continually records 10 second samples, analyzes for interesting audio and uploads a transcribed version of it.

Their Twitter feed shows conversations they say have been captured by their device.

They say, "Information moves between spaces that might be physical or virtual, free or proprietary, illegal or playful, spoken or transcribed" is all game for their device.
McDonald told Wired that Conversnitch is just a taste of the real privacy threats facing Americans in an age of the sweeping NSA surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden.

The creators have released the documentation on how to build the device on the software development site GitHub and say the plans are completely free to use for any purpose.

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