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Monday, 20 January 2014

Middle School Warns Parents Of 'Nasal Maggots' From Snorting SMARTIES... -

Middle School Warns Parents Of 'Nasal Maggots' From Snorting SMARTIES... - 

Parents at one Rhode Island middle school have received a warning about students snorting a popular candy.
According to CBS affiliate WPRI, parents of Portsmouth Middle School students received a note from school officials on Thursday, warning them to watch out for students snorting Smarties.
School officials said the new trend is a ‘widespread phenomenon’ that’s found on popular YouTube videos.
According to WPRI, the note sent to parents via email explains the methods in which students have been ingesting the sugary candy, including smoking and snorting.
School officials said snorting and or smoking the candy could cause nasal problems, infections, lung irritations, allergic reactions or possible maggots inside the nasal cavity.


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