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Friday, 1 November 2013

Judge Dons Fairy Godmother Costume During Adoption Ceremony -

Judge Dons Fairy Godmother Costume During Adoption Ceremony - 

Eight Clark County kids were adopted Halloween morning. The judge who presided over the ceremony and finalized the adoptions, dressed up as a fairy godmother.  Judge Cynthia Guiliani says she's granting their wish to find a permanent home and a family with which to spend all of their other holidays. She also allowed the kids to show up to the ceremony in costumes. 
Although the Judge added a touch of light to the proceedings, it was a serious day as some of the children had spent years without a permanent homes. One grandmother at the ceremony had spent more than three years trying to adopt her grandsons and extricate them from foster care. The fairy godmother made her wish come officially true. 
This is the second year Judge Giuliani has dressed up for Halloween. She believes it to be a treat for the entire courtroom - but mainly the kids. 


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