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Monday, 19 August 2013

Muslim Girls insert spoons in vaginas to set off Airport security and escape forced marriage -

Muslim Girls insert spoons in vaginas to set off Airport security and escape forced marriage - 

Forced marriages under islam are rampant in Europe. This is the latest desperate act by young girls to escape the sharia. The lengths they go to appear to be extreme, but if it were you and you wanted to be free of Islamic law and tradition, what lengths would you go to?

Forced marriages: School holidays prompt warning BBC, August 10, 2013

Teachers, doctors and airport staff need to be alert to the problem of forced marriages over the school holidays, the government has warned. Ministers said there were concerns about teenagers being taken abroad thinking they were going on holiday but being forced into marriage instead.

Figures suggest cases are particularly common during the summer break. The government's Forced Marriage Unit received 400 reports between June and August last year. Recent estimates suggest more than 5,000 people from the UK are forced into marriage every year.

More than a third of those affected are aged under 16.

It quotes daily mail stats about arranged marriages, forced etc... Basically the girls insert the spoons so that when the parents take them to the airport, the spoon sets off the metal alarm which prompts security to separate them from the parents so they can ask the UK to help them escape the marriage and the trip ....

Google translate is a bit awkward from the Hungarian but you get the picture:

Spoon the panties, so you will not gain access MTI 2013th August 16,
Spoon defend themselves against young girls raped them, marriage concluded abroad in Britain. The British newspaper The Daily Mail, the British soil, but mostly Muslim families living in the girls' panties to stick it silverware. The same is then alerted the airport metal detectors, and the girls by taking them to body searches by security personnel, finally freed from parental őrizetüktől.

The British government is known to be married in the UK every year thousands of parents maiden by force. The number one destination in Pakistan, then Bangladesh, India, Somalia, Turkey, Iraq and Iran in order.

According to official data, December 2012 1485 fugitive cases received state support marriage front girl, the father often threatened with death for their daughters. More than five hundred girls were under 17 years old and the oldest was a 71-year-old woman.

The British government is warning the other day addressed the school girls to take care of because of the summer holiday in the most violent kiházasítás. Her rescue organization called Karma Nirvana advises them to escape the bucket trick last resort. Plastic cutlery is not good, of course, the point is that the object is made ​​of metal, so instead of spoon, of course, other means will do.


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