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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Device Nags You to Sit Up Straight... Sensor Vibrates Whenever You Slouch... -

Device Nags You to Sit Up Straight...  Sensor Vibrates Whenever You Slouch... -

"Sit up straight. Put your shoulders back. Don't slouch." Chances are good that you've heard nags like these from your mother more than a few times in your life.

This week, I tested a gadget that might give mothers a rest. It's a $150 sensor called LumoBack, from a company called Lumo BodyTech, that straps around your lower waist to track your posture and vibrates whenever you slouch. It also tracks steps while walking and running, standing time, sitting time, sleep positions and sleep time.

I'm nearly eight months pregnant and I've been wearing this gadget on and off for several days and nights. If it fits me, one of the band's two sizes will likely fit you. LumoBack uses Bluetooth to correspond with a free app that runs on Apple's iOS devices. (An Android version of the app is planned before the end of this year.) The company released a new version of its app on Tuesday, as well as a smaller version of its sensor band, both of which I've been testing. The band is sold at LumoBack.com.

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