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Friday, 19 July 2013

Wired Teddy Bear monitors kids' heartbeat, body temp... -

Wired Teddy Bear monitors kids' heartbeat, body temp... - 

With Fitbits clipped to our pants, sleep-assistance apps recording our sleep patterns during the night, and sports sensors helping us exercise, we're all getting used to the quantified life our smart devices are creating. But Teddy the Guardian, from Croatia-based firm IDerma, takes the idea to a whole new level. This kid's plushie is filled with electronics and sensors designed to measure heart rate, blood pressure, and other important medical data.

Connected via Bluetooth, the bear reports a kid's vital signs to their parents' smartphones--and can also provide long-term data on background health stats to physicians when the child actually is ill, to provide a good comparative data set.

Demonstrating that this is definitely an idea with (fluffy) legs, the bear has just received FDA approval for the medical tech inside it.


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