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Monday, 15 July 2013

Smart Diaper Can Monitor Baby's Health -

Smart Diaper Can Monitor Baby's Health - 

A couple with two children has enlisted a team of scientists and engineers to develop a high tech diaper that can monitor a baby's health by revealing signs of urinary tract infections, dehydration and developing kidney problems. The new startup company, which is called Smart Diapers, utilizes a QR code on a baby's diaper to collect data which is then sent to the parents' smart phone, allowing them to send the information directly to their pediatrician for a diagnosis. 
On their indiegogo site, the developers say, "Our goal is not to create another quantified self gadget but to create a product that is unobtrusive in you daily life and only speaks up when there is a reason to see a pediatrician or specialist." 
The company is currently raising funds to conduct a study with the University of California San Francisco Benoiff Children's Hospital to monitor babies in the pediatric ICU. 

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