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Monday, 11 March 2013

40 Obama White House aides owe the IRS $333,000 in back taxes -

40 Obama White House aides owe the IRS $333,000 in back taxes - 
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President Obama has done a lot of talking the last year about Americans paying their fair share of taxes.
Apparently he means, Do as I say, not as my staff does.
A new report from the Internal Revenue Service has just revealed that 40 of Obama's White House aides owe their employer, the federal government, a total of $333,485 in back taxes.
This is the third straight year that the chief executive of the United States has been unable to get his own staff members to keep up with a citizen's legal income tax obligations. to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes owed. All this while Obama has made such rhetorical hay about corporations and the wealthy paying their fair share.
In its previous report the annual IRS audit accounting found that 36 of the Democrat's White House aides owed $833,000 in back taxes. The year before it was 41 Obama staff members owing $830,000. In the past year Obama's teleprompter has been on automatic pilot with oft-repeated demands that Americans and profitable corporate giants pay their fair share of taxes.
Because, as you may have heard him claim, Obama so wants to protect the middle class and we really need to pay down the national debt that he's done so much to grow by 60% to $16.6 trillion in just the 1,511 days he's been spending.
"America succeeds when everyone does their fair share," Obama asserted in more than one speech, "when everyone plays by the same rules." Uh-huh.
Congress required the IRS to make the annual report of all federal employees with an eye toward making up-to-date taxes a condition of government employment. That idea, you'll be shocked to learn, has not yet passed Congress.
And that apparent inability or unwillingness to collect such a huge sum of overdue taxes from its own employees is likely to add to Americans' widespread discontent with the inequities and inefficiencies of the government they finance through paycheck assessments.
The newest IRS report, distributed to news media in document form, shows that almost 312,000 federal employees and retirees are behind in their taxes, an increase of 12% in delinquencies in one year. As of last September, they owed a total of $3.52 billion, up $100 million since the previous audit. Some of these federal workers may face furloughs soon under the sequester cuts.
The Internal Revenue Service is prohibited by law from releasing the names of tax delinquents. But any federal boss could discover their delinquent employees' identity and bring the hammer down -- especially since Mr. Fair Taxes in the Oval Office has made such a big thing about other Americans keeping up.


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