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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Fore! Errant golf ball knocks out Motorcyclist's teeth -

Fore! Errant golf ball knocks out Motorcyclist's teeth - 

An errant golf ball from the 14th hole on Murfreesboro’s Indian Hills Golf Course knocked a motorcyclist’s teeth out as she and her husband rode blissfully along South Church Street.-

A man teeing off at the 14th over the weekend hooked his shot, watched the ball disappear and then heard screams, according to a Murfreesboro Police Department incident report. He followed the scream to find a woman clutching her bloody mouth.

Her husband told police that they were riding their motorcycles when he saw the ball bounce across the road and near her motorcycle. There, it careened into her face. She was able to avoid wrecking her bike, but the ball knocked out “several” teeth, the report said. She was taken to Middle Tennessee Medical Center for treatment.

An officer scoured the area for the offending golf ball and found multiple potential culprits, but, alas, he wrote, “none of which had blood on them.”


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