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Friday, 13 April 2012

OOps - “Good Morning America” viewers in Colorado got hardcore pornography showing on the channel -

OOps - “Good Morning America” viewers in Colorado got hardcore pornography showing on the channel - 

Just in case their coffee hadn’t kicked in yet, some “Good Morning America” viewers in Colorado got an eye-opening jolt early Thursday when hardcore pornography briefly appeared on their television screens.

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, Comcast cable subscribers tuned into local ABC affiliate KRDO-TV saw the explicit material due to an error made while trying to fix a technical glitch that caused a series of channels to appear on the station.

The porn — shown only for a few seconds — was followed by two hours of religious programming and a cross-feed of the ION Television network, the newspaper reported.

Clay Clarkson told the Gazette he first saw static while trying to watch the show.

“I usually watch ‘Good Morning America,’ and the channel was flickering, so I flipped to another channel,” Clarkson said. “When I flipped back, hardcore pornography was showing on the channel.”

He said he called the cable company and was told they were aware of the situation.

“The issue was a result of human error which has been resolved,” a Comcast spokeswoman told the Gazette.

In a statement, KRDO apologized for the programming interruption but said it did not come from their end.

“Of course, we are extremely upset that Comcast would air this material instead of our KRDO material,” KRDO general manager Tim Larson told the Gazette. “We are sure the offending material didn’t come from us.”

A statement on KRDO‘s Facebook page said simply that they were aware Comcast wasn’t airing their correct programming, though that did little to stop viewers from going online to vent their outrage, according to the Daily Mail.

“I’ve been on the phone already this morning after the porn that was broadcast while my daughter was eating breakfast! I’m outraged! Sick!” one parent wrote.


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