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Friday, 6 January 2012

May the bun be with you: Special Darth Vader burger goes on sale - with a jet black bun -

May the bun be with you: Special Darth Vader burger goes on sale - with a jet black bun - 
Who needs the force? Star Wars fans can get their power from a Darth Vader burger at a French chain instead. But beware the pitch black bun ...

It’s a promotional campaign that crosses over to the dark side.

French-Belgian fast food chain Quick will introduce Star Wars Phantom Menace-themed burgers before the movie’s 3D re-release in February, including a Dark Vador burger (that’s the way Darth Vader is spelled, en français) with a jet black bun.

The burger ad calls upon hungry fans to choose which side of the force they’re on — and to eat up accordingly. A Jedi burger and a Dark burger will be featured alongside the intimidating Dark Vador burger named after the famous Sith lord.

While all three burgers have two patties and could provide the average moviegoer with enough force to stay awake for the 2.5 hour film, the Jedi and Dark burgers appear significantly more edible than the Dark Vador.

Perhaps Quick is encouraging customers to steer clear of evil — or a dyed black bun. The burgers will be available until the beginning of March.

North American fans might have to travel to a country far, far away should they want to sample the unusual burger. Quick operates in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Algeria, Russia and New Caledonia.


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