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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Mom accidentally bakes office colleagues with pot brownies -

Mom accidentally bakes office colleagues with pot brownies - 

Three Canadian office workers got "more than a caffeine buzz" after nibbling on some brownies brought in by a colleague, the Vancouver Sun reports.
The employees of an office in Victoria, British Columbia, went to the hospital after feeling dizzy, disoriented and numb in the limbs after snacking on brownies brought in to share by their coworker.
Victoria police said they were called in to investigate a possible mass poisoning at a downtown office building.  
An investigation led to the discovery of marijuana-laden brownies in the staff room refrigerator. All three ill workers had eaten the pot brownies.
The woman who brought them in said she had discovered the brownies in her freezer at home. Her son told police that he baked the brownies a year ago, and had forgotten about them in the freezer.
While a criminal charge of possession of a controlled substance or administering a noxious substance could have been laid, police took no action because they found no criminal intent, the Sun reports. However, it is expected 
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