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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Top Texas Government Officials Covered Up Unsafe Radiation Levels In Texas Drinking Water -

Top Texas Government Officials Covered Up Unsafe Radiation Levels In Texas Drinking Water - 

An investigative report by a local Houston Texas news stations reveals numerous top-level Texas Government officials participated in a massive cover upof dangerous levels of radiation in Texas drinking water.
The report from KHOU 11 in Houston shed light on what government watchdogs are calling “a conspiracy of the highest order”  in the aftermath of the release of several email communications between Top Texas Officials in the Governors office, the state legislation, and the state agency in charge of protecting the environment in Texas.
The emails that were ordered to be released by the state attorney general reveal radiation tests of public drinking water were falsified to prevent Federal violations that would have required the local water systems to be cleaned up.
Instead the Texas bureaucrats went along with the ploy to cover up the levels of radiation in water to protect their fascist corporate puppet masters and poisoned the public over the last 20 years causing an untold number of cancers and other illnesses.
Perhaps more shocking is the fact that they knew Texas wasn’t complying with Federal regulations and even gave them a stern warning in 2004 that basically stated:
“If you don’t comply, we probably aren’t going to step in and take you over because we only take over state radiation monitoring in very severe cases”.
Texas was then allowed to continue to falsify their radiation reports for another 4 years while the EPA turned a blind eye to the cover  up until a random audit caught them red-handed manipulating the drinking water radiation results in 2008.

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